Ivan Urgant dreams of the son

Иван Ургант мечтает о сыне The grandmother of television personality and famous actress spoke about the cherished desire of the grandson. Despite the fact that Ivan is a father of two girls and takes part in the education of his daughter Erika, he wants the birth of her son. About it journalists were told Nina Urgant.

      Иван Ургант мечтает о сыне

      Legendary actress and the national actress Nina Urgant, which this year turns 87 years, sincerely enjoys her large family and her success. Nina — the mother of actor Andrey Urgant, the grandmother of the famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant and great-grandmother of two of his charming daughters — seven year-old Valerie and Nina.

      Youngest granddaughter Valeria Nina finds very cute. The child often makes the famous grandma smile. The actress says that Ivan wanted a son, but his girl too pleased. Nina Urgant admits: grandson still dreaming about the birth of an heir.

      “Little brother, Lera, until little. She’s so funny, funny… Grandson really wanted to be born a boy, but turned out to Lera. We are also pleased that there was a man of God, the light from such a good, beautiful marriage that they have with Natasha there. Vanya loves children and would probably to fight to the bitter, yet not born kid,” says Nina Urgant.

      Иван Ургант мечтает о сыне

      “The eldest, Nina, is all grown up became a large and high. Vanya I told a secret, like she’s in the garden boasted: “my grandmother was a good artist”. Can, watched movies with my participation, and can hear the adult conversations. Very nice girl,” said Nina the publication of “Antenna — Telesem”.

      At the end of may this year, the girl turns eight years of age. Every year, when Nina celebrates birthday, her dad puts in Instagram the photo and grown-up daughters. At the moment she is finishing first grade in one of the leading schools of Moscow. At the solemn meeting in the beginning of the school year was attended by wife Natalia, as well as adopted daughter Erica, who, by the way, recently moved from Russia to the UK.

      By the way, this year marks 45 years since, came out of the cult picture “the Belarusian station”, which starred Nina Urgant, Anatoly Papanov and Yevgeny Leonov. Nina. The actress admits that sometimes she feels like the departed colleagues leave and protect her.

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