Ivan Urgant daughter instills the love for the Motherland

Иван Ургант прививает дочери любовь к родине TV presenter published a photo of the grown heir. In the hands of a girl holding a guitar. In the caption to the picture Ivan Urgant quoted lines from the famous periodicheskoi song Nina, apparently, will perform in Victory Day.

      Иван Ургант прививает дочери любовь к родине

      The middle daughter of Ivan Urgant Nina this year will graduate the first class. The girl is studying in one of the capital’s most prestigious educational institutions. Apparently, the class of Nina is actively preparing for may 9th. Victory Day school children often give concerts for parents where they show their creativity.

      Today Ivan posted a photo of Nina with a guitar in his hands. In the caption he quoted a favorite line of Bulat Okudzhava “Here birds do not sing”. It is easy to assume that the famous dad’s working on a successor of this song for the upcoming holiday. In the comments to the photo, the grown daughter Urganta subscribers thanked for leading that brings up young generation in Patriotic spirit.

      Interestingly, the grandmother of Ivan Urgant Nina played in “the Belorussian station” the role of the former battalion nurse Rai, where she performed this song, with which she has bound your special memories.

      “I remember the beginning of the war. I was 11 years old. I was in the occupation in Latvia, I remember the crackling sound of German motorcycles, similar to machine gun fire, and a terrible famine. And still, when I hear the German language, I shudder. During the filming of the episode, where’s my Heaven sings the song of a commando battalion, this is my memory of the war, of course, surfaced. Smirnov wanted to sing it I – for greater reliability. I really cried when he sang. And suddenly I look up and see – stand Leonov, Papanov, and Safonov, Glazyrin, embracing, and crying, too. Looking at them, Smirnov said, “You, Nina, don’t cry for herself. Let a man cry. This is terrible…” – said a famous actress in one of her conversations with journalists.

      We will remind, Ivan Urgant married, has three daughters. Elder Eric is his blood child but he raises her as his own. In the fall of 2015 in the star family was a joyful event – was born the youngest daughter of Ivan and his wife Natalia Kiknadze. Only a few weeks later leading has published the girls, to satisfy the curiosity of many fans. “Ler, can I take your picture for all the readers?” – comic signed Urgant photo tiny toes of a newborn. Subscribers were delighted with the picture and was glad for the presenter and his family.

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