Иван Ургант купил особняк за 7 миллионов долларов Showman well earned and wisely keep their savings by investing in real estate. Recently, Ivan Urgant bought another mansion in the suburbs, its cost exceeds $ 7 million.
Иван Ургант купил особняк за 7 миллионов долларов

“Vanya has always been tight-fisted in the matter of Finance, told the “StarHit” surrounded by artist. Is he even the boss is! All negotiations, corporate Affairs conducts himself. Given the unstable economy in the country, he certainly picked an ideal option for investments.”

A new home cost a pretty penny, because the cottage village Gorki-10 25-kilometer Rublevo assumption highway – a place of elite. Land Wani, an impressive 50 acres. The three-storey house has a winter garden hall, guest unit, fireplace, dining room with exit to a porch, a spacious billiard room. The family moved there almost immediately as soon as all contracts have been signed.

It is known that the popular actor owns residential area not only in his native St. Petersburg, but also in several locations in Moscow.

Urgant owned three and four bedroom apartments in the city center, luxury apartment on the 77th floor of a skyscraper business center “Moscow-city”. Plus near the new mansion is his family estate, whose construction lasted eight years. But there Urganta was short-lived. Now there is rarely someone appears.