Иван Ургант и Сергей Шнуров публично унизили друг друга Men entered into a verbal skirmish. Sergey Shnurov came to the program “Evening Urgant” as a guest, where he fought with the presenter for the title of best MC. The audience was delighted from the representation of idols.
Иван Ургант и Сергей Шнуров публично унизили друг друга

Ivan Urgant in his author’s program always tries to surprise the viewer not only sparkling jokes, but also unusual ideas. This time as a guest star was the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. Celebrity staged a parody of a popular competition rap artists Versus battle, whose task is in the process of recitative to point out the shortcomings of the opponent.

“Singer, actor, poet, artist, composer, entertainer, TV host – Smoking, drinking like a flock of pigeons, all laying. Star insta in their posts, banging out: “Mat – not a crime”, type Lesha Panin. Skukota you, friend, are my sentiments! You will not continue to stand, even taking your pills for potency! I hope to explain the hint no one should? Today battled guys with me sluggish terminator”.

The audience was delighted with the ironic and sudden appearances of stars. The man played so lifelike, some even for a moment believe in the seriousness of what is happening. Despite the fact that the audience is well aware of all the curious situation, through acting according to the artists their conflict looked really serious.

After a round men, as expected, warmed up a little and drank the water, glow thereby the situation even more. But as you know, the word for Cords is also in the pocket will not climb. The singer managed to meet a colleague on the shop floor.

“I’m sorry. What music came out? Failed Urgant Grisha? I’m sorry, but not much, and the addition of two lines of you as well, friend, did not succeed. No – you better sang! I’ll tell you I’m not without flattery: no kidding I’m waiting for your songs that are full of wisdom and caress the ear like the surf of the waves. But they do not have. Holy place is never empty. As without you, art?” – parried Sergei.

But if the humiliation was a comic, not so long ago really Cords come into conflict. The musician spoke on the topic of the new video of the ex-soloist of group “Leningrad” Alice Vaux. The outrageous singer posted a video for the song “Baby”, which quickly received over a million views. Apparently, the girl working was not to the liking of a celebrity, and he publicly criticized the actress in the microblog.

“It’s like a dirty nurse, lectured on hygiene. Any statement, especially in the imperative mood, claiming the leadership role, whatever it may be in content, should at least not conflict with the form. If you shoot the video with lower quality than the novice videoblogger, where carelessly all make-up, lights, camera angles, editing; writing text that even the most worthless site will not accept, because quite uninteresting preschool and rhymes, teaching looks simply inappropriate. Yes, Yes. Exactly. “Start with yourself” – wrote Sergey.