Ivan Urgant admitted that he is afraid of loneliness

Иван Ургант признался, что боится одиночества
This was stated by the father of the TV presenter.

Иван Ургант признался, что боится одиночества

Andrey Urgant

Photo: Julia Kudryashova

The actor Andrey Urgant admitted now reaping the fruits of his fatherhood.

“Ivan is me. He is my pirated copy, — smiles Andrey. And now I
this pirated copy has paid dividends. Know that I am the father of Ivan Urgant, and
there is a dialogue: “How? Father? Ivan Urgant? Him?” “Yes, Yes”. —
“Please, come in, lie down, sit, take, drink, eat, leave…”
In that order”.

Andrey Urgant told how his son has achieved what he has.

“First, Ivan sang in a small restaurant on the songs
Spanish and Italian languages. Then there was a waiter and washed dishes at night
the club “Planetarium”. Then there was the strip club “the Moon”, where he took a leading
without my help. The club went my peers, by the way, mostly not
girls to watch and be poisoned by fumes from Vanino jokes. In short, the son worked day and
night. And now is not relaxing. The younger generation wants to be like him.
There is the illusion that he is lucky, and in fact, its success is
many years of plowing…

When Vanya was the guest of the program “Pozner”, Vladimir
Putin asked him, what he fears most in the world. And Ivan is not
hesitation replied, “Loneliness.” And I do too. Fortunately, Ivan is not alone. Very
protects and loves his. And I’m saving her: your mother who increasingly
needs my support. Try to pay more attention to their granddaughters — Nina
Valerie, who live in Moscow. His daughter Mary and two grandchildren, Amir and
Gabriel, who live in the Netherlands…”

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Ivan Urgant with his wife and daughters Erica and Nina. 2015

Photo: Instagram.com