Ivan Poddubny: a woman’s personal life

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Biography of Ivan Poddubny (8.10.1871 – 8.08.1949) reflects the most difficult time on the path to becoming Russia, and the personal life of Ivan Poddubny, his achievements in the sport, and always will be an example for athletes and wrestlers. Family Russian Hero: his parents, younger brother, wife and children (adopted son and godson) helped him on the thorny path of life. Most expensive man who gave him the family fortune, became the wife of Ivan Poddubny — Poddubnaya Maria Semyonovna.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Ivan Poddubny

Wife Of Ivan Poddubny — Poddubnaya Maria S.

Maria Semenovna was born in the village of Kagal’nik, Azovskiy district, Rostov region. She married Ivan Maksimovic in early 1927. They met by accident. Ivan Maksimovic were then in the city of Rostov-on-don. The athlete, the idol of which was I. M. Poddubny, invited him to visit. There Ivan Maksimovic and met his future wife.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Photo: Ivan Poddubny and Poddubnaya Maria S.

Friendly and Thrifty Maria Semyonovna was the same age as Ivan Poddubny. However, her natural charm and warmth is so warm that the undefeated Champion, Ivan Maksimovic suggested Maria Semyonovna to become his wife. She agreed immediately, and only under the condition that they would get married in the Church. I. M. Poddubny, never reputed to be a religious man, went with his beloved to the altar and lived with this woman to a ripe old age.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Biography of the famous Champion

Ivan Poddubny was born in the Poltava province. His father M. I. Poddubny was known as a strongman, and his mother, A. D., Poddubnaya had a wonderful musical ear, which were inherited by Ivan. Brothers I. M. Poddubny — Mitrofan Poddubny and Omelian Poddubny. Sister Eudoxia Maksimovna Poddubnaya.

At the invitation of the wrestlers of the circus, Ivan once went to the Mat and defeated athletes. Later Poddubny decided to become a wrestler. His height is one hundred and eighty-four inches, weight one hundred and eighteen pounds. And this is when the breast volume in one hundred thirty-four centimeters. Biceps strongman forty-four inches in girth, and the neck is exactly fifty. He has performed in fourteen countries around the world, visited four continents, and for half a century never lost a championship.

About himself he said that the carpet had not met the wrestlers who put him on the shoulder, but the stronger thought of himself as a father. As in a joke, he admitted that defeat him can only women. First young love made him leave his village for work. Second lover Ivan Maria were in the circus. Already announced about their engagement, when a trapeze artist fell from the trapeze.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Ivan Poddubny brothers

Nothing reminded him of the tragedy, Ivan accepted the offer of the Saint-Petersburg sports community athletes went abroad to defend on a wrestling Mat the honor of Russia. Ivan poddubniy invited to different countries. After the champion returned from abroad with two suitcases filled with gold medals, at the age of forty years, he finally decided to start a family: wife and children.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

At this time Ivan Poddubny met Antonina Nikolaevna Kvitko-Fomenko — a woman of amazing beauty and artistry, where he married for the first time. However, his fees in Russia were very modest, so personal life of Ivan Poddubny has cracked. Being on tours in Odessa, in 1919, Ivan learned that his wife Antonina eloped with a young officer, stealing a large part of its gold medals.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

To work in the Moscow circus Ivan poddubniy invited in 1922. He was already over fifty, but after the speeches of Russian heroes in the arena, the doctors did not notice Ivan Maksimovic is no change in the heart. The body Poddubny has enabled him to focus energy and throw it during a fight, this kind of explosion.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Ivan Poddubny – training

Life is a Great Fighter dedicated to the sport. Constantly trained and regularly conducted classes for young people. Being a professional, he didn’t spare his players, practicing with them all the techniques to perfection, as he knew that Champions are not born, they are in the process of hard training.

Ivan Poddubny: a woman's personal life

Ivan Poddubny in old age

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