Ivan Okhlobystin: “When meeting with a Bear Efremov helped me a box of vodka”

Иван Охлобыстин: «При знакомстве с Мишкой Ефремовым мне помог ящик водки»
Actor, writer and Director spoke about the unusual meeting.

Ivan Okhlobystin and Fyodor Bondarchuk


Ivan Okhlobystin admitted that he is very proud of his friends.

“Movie — a beautiful world and the people in it,’ says actor, writer and Director. — Life picked up for me the best company possible. In our “little Sicily” all set for now. Fyodor Bondarchuk is one of the dons. He’s on a budget. And Garik Sukachev — an indomitable little proud don from Bald island. Everyone is scared of him. There is a local bard — a favorite of the Sicilian audience Sergei Galanin. I’m a librarian, helping to establish communication. And Dima Haratyan — the angel. It is sacrificial, shy and never pumps itself up. Dima is a spiritual organisation in the Baroque style, it is internally fine. Devoted friends even after their departure. Here he is with Gaidai friends, so when he died, Kharatyan saw him in his sleep for years…”

The special relationship Okhlobystin, Mikhail Efremov.

“Bear is my spiritual brother. According to him, charisma is genetically transmitted for another generation without a pause. Although Bear Efremov has long outplayed his great father. No matter how he acted in life, he is the man-soul. And the senior was also good. Remember how we Oleg came when he went with the camera. It took us some fruits fed. It was warm. Don’t know what it’s called energy, maybe…”

Okhlobystin remembered their acquaintance with Mikhail Efremov was quite unusual.

“We crossed paths under strange circumstances: I brought it, the man is a stranger, a box of vodka to buy for three days Sergei Shekhovtsova, which I urgently had to take in his course the film — smiling Ivan. — Serega was appointed rehearsal with the Bear in the “contemporary-2″. In General, a box of vodka helped. In my big company smoothly joined a youth theater…”

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