Иван Охлобыстин поведал о смерти младшего брата The actor became the hero of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Okhlobystin frankly told how he survived an aborted pregnancy wife Oksana. And how could accept the death of his younger brother.
Иван Охлобыстин поведал о смерти младшего брата

Ivan Okhlobystin for several decades is one of the most popular Russian actors. He played many roles in films and serials: “King”, “Moscow, I love you!”, “Irony of love”, “Interns”, “midlife Crisis”… About the artist’s personal life, there are many interesting facts: Ivan is the father of many children, he has six children. He at first sight fell in love with Oksana Arbuzov, who in the late 80s played a major role in the provocative film “Crash, daughter ment”. Okhlobystin also for several years was a priest in the Church in Tashkent. But in November 2009 Ivan asked the Patriarch to remove him from the priesthood. The actor returned to work in the movies.

In the Studio of “the Destiny of man” Okhlobystin told about how I almost killed one of his daughters barbarian. Ivan and Oksana did not notice that she began to choke.

“We were all tired as dogs, like wolves. A father willing to do anything to provide for his family: to ship, to write, to play. I came home from work, a substitute Oksanku night. Once we both fell asleep. Var was three or four months, and she apparently started crying under the blanket climbed. Oksana could hear the cries, ran to her daughter and sees her glassy eyes. Called an ambulance, the doctor said that everything is fine. But I am experienced. A second team of doctors was called in. Another doctor said: “Yes you that?! You have clear signs of asphyxia!” And varechka another month in hospital… Yes, nearly has not lost we have it then,” shared Ivan.

Иван Охлобыстин поведал о смерти младшего брата

This case is actor remember forever. Since Okhlobystin more carefully began to treat heirs. The artist has two sons: Basil and Sawa. And four charming daughters: Anfisa, Evdokia, Barbara and John. The actor revealed that children could be more, if not for the tragedy – the wife had a miscarriage.

“Two months… still we are very grieved. For Oksanka this was a great shock. The woman is carrying a child…” – admitted Okhlobystin.

In 2010, the actor successfully acted in the TV series “Interns”. As noted Okhlobystin, then he has got enormous experience during his work in the sitcom. However, it was during this period in the family of Ivan happens to be a new tragedy. In a terrible accident killed his younger brother Stanislav.

“Sometimes you want to stop cutting yourself… But you have no right to take away a life. Not because you gave her. We are here very temporary phenomenon… the Brother was only 27, silly, strange accident. A two-lane road, he stopped on the curb, opened the hood… it was two cars, one decides on the side to pass the other, and… my brother left six-month-old son and wife. It is so delicately treated me distanced. Loved me as brothers… He was a real guy. Clean-clean!”