Ivan Okhlobystin: “Girls I have a steel”

Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные» The actor said, why not go into the personal lives of her daughters and not familiar with their elected representatives. Ivan Okhlobystin shared with “StarHit” the plans for the future heirs, as well as upcoming creative projects.
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»

The movie “Bird” with Ivan Okhlobystin in a leading role, which will be released on may 18, may be the last in his career. The actor said that he was leaving the cinema and will focus on writing. Ivan recently published the fourth book “the Song of the constellation of Hounds of Dogs.” In an interview with “StarHit” Okhlobystin shared, for whom tying to shoot, how to educate daughters and why his wife calls the drowned.

“Santa Barbara” diaper rash

Ivan, I am not afraid to walk away from a lucrative movie?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»We Tushino punks. Was remain the same. Between lack of money we lived as comfortable as when funds appeared. Just began to allow themselves a little more. At the moment I’m more interested in writing. It has many advantages. I’ll be home. My wife and children will more often be able to organize hikes, ride bikes and get out on your favorite country. To end with acting and decided out of gratitude to the audience. TV is cruel. It will squeeze you like a wet rag until you go to the “minus 20” rating, and people will begin to spit you in the face. You should be able to draw a line. By the way, so it was with the series “Interns”. 300-series we the whole creative team, stunned by the shooting, went to the producer and said it was time to close the project, or the sitcom will turn into “Santa-Barbara”, and even diaper rash. If in the future I will offer a worthwhile movie with good money, you may agree.—
Removed write. And your children tend to be creative?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»My daughter is Cooking sings. When she was 7 years old, she told mom that wants to learn to play the guitar. I went for platinum proven scheme, a kind of variant of a Cartier: found the Palace of pioneers, teacher in the butterfly and with crimson cheeks. Cooking studied there for four years, and then engaged in a vocal. Now she’s 18, and she sings. I suggest: “don’t ruin my voice. It should be configured as the harpsichord, gradually”.—
Cooking will come in gnesinka?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»No. Her release this year, and she chose medical school. We do not tolerate protégé in terms of education. Harm that is all. My daughters – children of a new generation. Varya believes that earthly profession did not prevent her to study singing. Her sister Doucet for 19 years, and she is of the same opinion. Evdokia plays the guitar and is studying ornithologist, studying birds. While she is a fashionista at me, her flamenco to dance – chernyavenkie beautiful. The eldest daughter Anfisa, 20 years, chose the profession of the marketer. Younger children, sons – 11-year-old Sawa and 16-year-old Bob – has not yet decided on a profession.—
The work of the Pope are not interested in them?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»Indifferent. But if one of children wants to prevent I will not. Anfiska adult absolutely to call the police on me can. Being religious people, we remember one of the main tenets is not to come to the Lord by force. God is always a paradox. You understand that everything made by the person, and also respect the personality in their children. They know that my mother and I too respect them to become a hindrance.
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»
From Anfisa and Evdokia there are young people?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»I think so, but while I’m not familiar with. They delicately refer to this issue. I’m shy, too, because there is an agreement that won’t affect their choice. I said, “When you realize you’re in love and ready to create the relationship, then I will have to participate.” But they devki steel. And mom them of the ancient pagan legends. The daughters nothing is not alien to modern. They are interested in rags stealing dresses from your mom. They have similar tastes, but there is a difference. Evdokia like something Gothic. Barbara is passionate about the Normans and all Scandinavian. Anfiska prefer new York style, kind of like a girl hipster. And their younger sister nuska loves science. We have it Elfine space.—
And the wife?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»Oksanka – modest woman. She had Trinity in “the Matrix” to play. When we visit a shopping centre, I always provoke her: let’s buy elegant dress, not to have the feeling that you’re a floater. Agrees. The wife is a naughty girl. Of course, I took on her shoulders the burden of parenting six children, but she copes. If not for Oksana, I would have died.

The Chingizid Syndrome

Fear or jealousy that soon my daughter will fly from the nest?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»In everyday terms, don’t worry. You know what they will get out of any situation, ten people rescued from the flood. With regard to human relations, then sooner or later they will get hurt. As all will face disappointments, unrequited love. Will hold a small rebellions, to do stupid things. But here, I’m not worried. Makes itself known samurai of the Orthodox component. Oksanka done! We have the whole family partake, follow posts. Both our son, Savva and Vasya, subservient acolytes in the temple of Sophia the wisdom of God, which we visited for 20 years. For boys is a fairy tale.—
The children grew up. You feel that problems was less?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»There were other. But I have a Chingizid syndrome, I’m thick-skinned. If earlier they were upset about the loss of the suitcase, now for two a muscle will not tremble on my face. Forced to live the broad categories. Kids first get sick, then they need to be taught, then all these love… I also went this path. Understand what is in their hearts is boiling.
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»
You live in the female realm. How are you doing with the life?
Иван Охлобыстин: «Девки у меня стальные»There is a schedule. Each child’s day. They wash dishes, the floor in the house – we have three-storey town house, sweep the stairs. We with Oksana not involved. A wife always on the farm, and I’m the breadwinner.—
And if you want to be alone with his beloved, what saves you? Maybe hotels?
We all just. My mom put on the table a drink, two silver stacks. Sit down, look at the children with the importance and shouting “Run!” And they who are in it, spilling into the street. But I’m exaggerating. In fact, sometimes we can arrange a romantic vacation in Italy or Israel. Recently visited Paris. Mushed dog Poo. Dirty city seen. Anywhere no Wi-Fi, every second is rude, service is bad. Lost five days. But in Salzburg, the whole family went – they brought bugs. Strange, because we had a good hotel. It was the last Christmas days, the streets were full of lights. We walked a lot, even in the local cemetery climbed at night. But with all the advantages of back with trailer. Perhaps we exaggerate the possibilities of European service.