Ivan Kupala:) Cousteau and Boris Akimov was wondering on the water

Иван Купала: Дардо Кусто и Борис Акимов гадали на воде

Weekend in Izmailovo Park celebrated the summer solstice.

Night on Ivan Kupala is the most mystical night of the year. It was then jump over the fire, wonder wreaths, and after burning candles dipped them into the water.

And those are mistaken who think that celebrating Ivan Kupala only in the villages. A big feast was held in minuvshie weekend in Izmailovo Park near the boat station.

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Bonfires in the city, of course, no one dared. But all the rest of the customs were performed.

Under the guidance of masters trailed wreaths of wild flowers and fern, were dances and dances. But instead of swimming – boating on boats with the experts TV-3.

Learn about the future could have a permanent leading TV channel – shaman), Cousteau, Boris Akimov palmist and fortune-tellers Taisia Nedzvecko.

Younger guests of the holiday waiting for battles on water pistols, contests with prizes and fun songs with dances.

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