Ivan Krasko with his young wife barely make ends meet

Иван Краско с молодой женой едва сводят концы с концами Natalia told about the hardships of life. Wife of Ivan Krasko not offended that he doesn’t often drives it in restaurants and never gives gifts. She is willing to endure some inconvenience for her, the main thing that the beloved husband is always there for her.
Иван Краско с молодой женой едва сводят концы с концами

In September 2015 the national actor of Russia Ivan Krasko married his student Natalia Shevel. Many could not believe in the sincerity of feelings of a pair – after all, the age difference of the pair is 60 years. Some speculated that she married him for selfish reasons and the marriage will be very short.

But for the past two years, the pair proves the opposite 27 – year-old literally melts when 87-year-old husband is next to her. Girl willing to endure some inconvenience of life together. According to her, she and her husband live on a meager salary. Ivan Krasko complained about the lack of money

“I’m at poetry, especially not earn. If some crumbs could get, and thanks for that! As for the movie, so it is necessary to have an agent who will be able to recommend you correctly. And then you still have 20 percent of their earnings to the agent to unfasten. I kind of don’t like the system, and Ivan Ivanovich too late to start contacting agents. So live. If there are any offers to star in the film, I’ll accept, but to sell yourself don’t want to! We have a little bit, but I’m not complaining. Yes, compared to many people in the world our lives can be called nischebrodstvom, but the bread and butter we have enough”, – said Natalia.

The girl admits that her husband has often leads her to restaurants – instead, she prepares delicious meals at home. Ivan gives his young wife a gorgeous gift, but the actress is not offended – after all, she has very different priorities.

Children Krasko, who live abroad, regularly send things to him. Natalia admits that she didn’t like shopping – she can wear for many years. However, the girl managed to accumulate 30 thousand rubles, which they spent on a romantic trip to Venice. Also young couples have to live in an apartment, where they live ex-daughter-in-law Ivan Ivanovich and grandson of Cyril. Natalia did not hide in an interview with “Interlocutor” that dream of own home.

“Of course, want to have your corner. But behind this we are not looking. By the way, the machine we are not. We use the metro. So even more convenient. You can be sure that does not fall into the tube. Ivan Ivanovich generally have only two stations to drive from home to theatre. He loves attention, on the subway he gets it. It recognize, give honor, and he in turn absorbs the necessary energy,” said the actress.