Ivan Krasko waited on his young wife

Иван Краско прислуживает молодой жене Natalia Krasko, wife of the famous actor tries himself in different roles. She is active in films and played leading roles in theatre, “a Travesty,” writes the scripts, and in the fall published her second book of poems. According to the artist, Ivan Krasko in all its supports.
Иван Краско прислуживает молодой жене

There the head of paint is not going to stop. At the weekend she tried him in the lead of the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox-Patriotic author’s song festival, which was held in one of the most beautiful places of St. Petersburg – Alexander Nevsky monastery, in the center of the “Holy spirit”. The contest was attended by 30 musicians, among whom were not only representatives of Russia, but also Belarus and Ukraine. How did you learn the “StarHit” to become the leading Natalia asked the deacon Sergius, Uchaneishvili, one of the founders of the festival. Paint is not refused, at least for her it was the first experience of holding such events. And a few she made up actress Elena Donina.

“Yes, this is my first experience. Honestly, it was exciting, but saved my poems that I have prepared. I don’t refuse to try another and try to be creative, but the acting for me anyway in the first place,” admitted Natalia.
Иван Краско прислуживает молодой жене

It turned out that the artist was not only leading, but also one of the screenwriters festival offered several creative ideas, participated in the organization of the festival and also picked up the verses for each participant, in order to reveal and present his statement.

In the hall you could see and spouse Krasko, Ivan, who was watching the action and enthusiastically discussed the songs with the audience. The correspondent of the “StarHit” contacted the evening with Natalya, to know how the husband reacted to this event.

“Ivan enjoyed it, now just preparing me coffee, as I’m very tired,” said Krasko.

The festival is held not for the first time and is considered to be well known among performers of art song, but as with any creative project, it needs new energy, new ideas. Krasko said that I would very much like to engage in the development of the festival.

“Yes, of course, I think best to develop the festival, but within reason. Here we must be careful that it is not moved to the secular and not lost spirituality and moments of enterprises”, – said Natalia.

Иван Краско прислуживает молодой жене