Иван Краско продал последнее наследство покойного сына A week before the 10-year anniversary of the death of Andrei Krasko’s father pulled the hammer giving son. The house went for 5 million rubles, and the money was divided among family members: one part went to each of the grandchildren of Ivan Krasko, and the third moved him.

      Иван Краско продал последнее наследство покойного сына

      After the death of the actor Andrei Krasko, his family fell multi-million dollar inheritance. All the property and machinery relatives immediately sold, leaving only one country house. Krasko decided to divide it between the two sons of Andrew and his father Ivan.

      Putting the house for sale, paint was waiting for response from potential buyers for 10 years. Last week lady luck smiled on him and found a client willing to accept such a deal.

      “When the son visited his friend Alexander Balueva, and lit up the dream to build such a cottage. The idea was carried out, bought the land, laid the Foundation, built the “box”, the walls are finished…However, the key is to pass and move not in time, – says the “StarHit” Ivan Ivanovich, – according to experts, to finish the job, you had to invest another 50 thousand dollars.”
      Иван Краско продал последнее наследство покойного сына

      When Andrew did not, the relationship with his ex-wife, children and father strained to the limit, so to chip in and build the country they wanted, deciding to get rid of it. First they offered to buy her friends and acquaintances, because the property is located in a prestigious district of the Leningrad region, next to the homes of many artists. However, 7 million was too high a price for “their” buyers, so the cost had to be reduced and to place an ad on the Internet.

      “In the end we managed to sell the cottage for 5 million rubles, – says the “StarHit” Ivan Ivanovich. – Divided in equal installments for three – I, my grandchildren, 36-year-old Ian and 19-year-old Cyril. Met, signed the papers, quietly…”

      Its part of the Ivan while spending is not going to – put it in the account. And in the future he can be useful money for treatment. Now Krasko-the senior practically lost sight.

      “The health of my husband is lame – recognized spouse of the actor Natalia. Books he can’t read texts and even 72 size, so all I voiced him. I recently received an offer to try out for the new “Tree” on the role of the father of Sergey Svetlakov. Learn the text together. Forcing Ivan to go to the doctors to follow falls if vision. Without that, he won’t be able to live, so we fight all the forces. Even in Germany, flew to overseas specialists, but was told “the operation can not be done!”.

      By the way, today the wife of Ivan Ivanovich remembered the anniversary of the death of the son of her husband. She posted a picture of him in the social network and wrote: “next to You forever.”

      We will remind that Andrey Krasko has suddenly died on 4 July 2006, during the filming of the famous serial film “Liquidation”. The actor took heart, and arrived in the Leningrad region paramedics were unable to save him. They stated that the star of the show died of heart failure.

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