Иван Краско отказывается от денег на операцию He explained his decision. Recently Ivan complains that he cannot read the texts on the radio, as it does not see up close. The doctors are doing everything possible, but do not give positive forecasts.

Ivan Krasko has serious health problems. Some time ago, honored artist of the visited doctors. They announced disappointing news: he needed surgery on his eyes. The fact that the actor doesn’t see the texts, which are read in radio broadcasts. As said Krasko, he sees a very large font.

“When I get onstage, I see fine. Play. And there are no problems. It’s no wonder they say that the scene is a place that heals. In a life guided more or less normally, unable to care for themselves. For example, prepare Breakfast, something clean. Here are just upset trouble reading. When you read the texts on the radio, then I print them very large font. Despite all the difficulties, do not lose vivacity of spirit. Age-related degeneration – nothing can be done, after all I am already advanced in years,” said Krasko.

According to the artist, he will have to undergo surgery. Ivan has no plans to use foreign experts. He argues that in St. Petersburg there are good doctors. Ophthalmologists think treatment plan.

“I have, in fact, have a retinal detachment. And as such there is no way to fix it. And I’m afraid to do because of the interference of the laser can completely lose vision. At the moment it is difficult to say what to hope. Yet all in one voice say that the situation is not hopeless. One of the channels already wanted to collect the money. I told them, well, wait, nothing is known. As soon as the doctors will come to some rational and safe decision and give the go-ahead, then we will think about the financial component,” said Krasko.

The actor helps his wife Natalia. She does a lot around the house and looks to Ivan gently moved and fell. “Youngest son, Fedor, I’m usually reading something, but the eldest child, Ivan, until sent to a sanatorium, something his health is not very. Wonderful boys! When I have time, be sure to spend it together. In the home Theater. Komissarzhevskaya I support young artist Yura Ershov, who reads me the role and helps to learn the lyrics,” added the actor in an interview with “Interlocutor”.