Ivan Krasko openly talked about his reasons for leaving the former spouses

Иван Краско откровенно рассказал о причинах расставания с бывшими супругами The famous actor explained why three times he was divorcing women. The latest darling of Ivan Nikolaevich became a student of Natalia Shevel. According to the actor, despite a considerable age difference between them mutual understanding.
Иван Краско откровенно рассказал о причинах расставания с бывшими супругами

Ivan Krasko married Natalia Shevel two years ago. Student of people’s artist of Russia became his fourth wife. Sweethearts formalized their relationship in local registry offices in St. Petersburg. The couple met at the Institute for the Humanities, where the star of cinema and theatre and has lectured, and Natalia was his student. However, the artist sometimes reminisces about ex-wives and children from previous marriages. According to the artist, his first Union collapsed because of bad relations with mother of the chosen one.

“My first mother-in-law was short-sighted woman… Knowing that I intend of a naval officer to become artists, she said: either we or the theatre”, – said the actor.

Catherine went from Ivan Krasko as he listened to his mother. In this Union the actor’s daughter Galina. “After the divorce, Kate has married. New husband loved the box his heart and soul invested in her education,” said the artist.

The paint does not have a relationship with his daughter. The actor communicates with the heir and her children. Then Krasko married a second time to a girl named Kira, whom he met in College. In this marriage the actor had two children Andrew and Julia. Once the national actor cheated on his wife, but the woman found the strength to forgive him.

“I was born mariska. It was a daughter not from Kira Vasilevny. Son Andrew has responded coldly: “Well, dad, it’s your business”. And this issue is not raised, but the nurse was well received. But for my wife it was a tragedy. What generosity was this woman! I saw how she suffered, moreover, I believe that I shortened her career. Kira was not to blame me, just said, “I Hope you’ll adopt?” “Yes, and I think to give his name,” said the artist.
Иван Краско откровенно рассказал о причинах расставания с бывшими супругами

Andrei Krasko went in his father’s footsteps, having chosen the profession of actor. The son became a movie star, but the man suffered from asthma and died at the age of 49 from heart failure.

Ivan Krasko sold the last inheritance of the deceased son

Ivan confessed, why didn’t you leave the second wife, because he thought her the perfect wife and she fully trusted. “And forgiveness is its basis. Then the children turn out as talented as Andrew and Julia,” said Krasko.

After the death of the second wife the actor married for the third time in Natalia Vol. In this Union have Krasko had two children, Fedor and Ivan. The last time Ivan became a father at the age of 77. The third lawful wife of the actor was much younger folk artist. However, she decided to get away from the paint.

Иван Краско откровенно рассказал о причинах расставания с бывшими супругами“The worst thing is when the woman is all happy and resting on its laurels. Then, she had the temptation to diversify its existence and look to my left… So I can’t blame my third wife Natalia Nikolayevna, even though she was the cause of the divorce. Of course, I tried to reason with her: “You are a free man and entitled to do what’s in your heart. Only not in a hurry, are you, dear?” – said Ivan Ivanovich.
Иван Краско откровенно рассказал о причинах расставания с бывшими супругами

The actor admitted that the fourth wife Natalia is jealous to his ex-wife. “We have now saved the human relationships that are jealous of my current Natalya Alexandrovna,” said Krasko.

According to the national artist Union of man and woman – not an idyll, but a necessity. “Sometimes said to Natasha: “you’re going to Meet a young and beautiful, you do not wait – just tell me”. And she is angry: “bounce me all they want!” – said Ivan Krasko “Express newspaper”.

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