Ivan Krasko offers young wife open marriage

Иван Краско предлагает молодой жене свободный брак The actor himself insists on this. Ivan offers his young wife have an open marriage. In the “Secret” one million Krasko has admitted that he is ready to forgive his young wife physical infidelity. In addition, the actor spoke about his illegitimate daughter.
Иван Краско предлагает молодой жене свободный брак

The life of Ivan Krasko is similar to a serial of Latin American film. 89-year-old actor for three years, married for the fourth time, his current wife is younger than his 60 years. Despite all of the gossip (this couple causes conflicting emotions among the public), financial and housing problems (they now live in a 20-meter room in the apartment of a former daughter-in-law Krasko Margarita), Ivan and Natasha happy, is going to mark the leather wedding. They were the guests of the program “million dollar Secret” and openly answered many questions Lera Kudryavtseva. Leading asked, not afraid if the paint that a young wife will fall in love with age and whether he is ready for an open marriage, and both questions received an affirmative “Yes.”

“Can (fall in love), but she knows that it is not necessary. I their wives are taught, above all, to freedom. I think I’m ready to forgive in this case… Because the age makes itself felt, the attraction, which is unconscious most often between a man and a woman, she’s weakening. I say quite frankly,” said Ivan Krasko.
Иван Краско предлагает молодой жене свободный брак

Spouse Ivan Natalia is grateful to her husband for what he “does not hinder”, allows to spend the night with friends, for example. For her, Lera Kudryavtseva also found a few direct questions. For example, the presenter asked how Platonic Natalia and Ivan’s relationship. A specific answer wife Krasko has not given.

“A very provocative question of whether we have a Platonic relationship. Because when you say that you have sex some people are starting to think that I’m gerontophile, and Ivan Ivanovich is a pedophile. So I usually answer: “And you with your husband have sex?” retorted Natalie Krasko.
Иван Краско предлагает молодой жене свободный брак

Natalia admitted that she wants to become a mother, but not in the near future. “I do want kids but not now – it is necessary 9 months to make, then something to give him. I do like any woman, I want children and Ivan Ivanovich nothing to do with it,” said Natalia.

The actor is the father of five children, and in addition, he has an illegitimate daughter. Marina was born when Ivan was in debt to his marriage with Kira Vasilievna Petrova, from which he was born, Andrew and Julia. The actor Krasko began an affair with the makeup artist Galina in the theater Komissarzhevskaya, and a daughter Marina. “For Kyra, this was a blow, because she had implicit faith in my loyalty,” – said Ivan Krasko.

“Kira V., with whom I lived for 40 years, still asked the question: “Why didn’t you leave?” I thought about it and said: “Probably because you’re still the best. And when I said I would like the Marina to give the name, she said, “how can you not?!” This man was Kira V.”, – said Ivan Krasko
Иван Краско предлагает молодой жене свободный брак

Krasko gave her name to Marina and had a relationship with his daughter, despite the fact that never married her mother. A young woman now living in America, but specially flew to Moscow for the recording of the program with the participation of his father. The woman said that she always loved and now loves his daddy. She envies him because her mother only spoke well of the father. Moreover, Marina became friends with the new wife of his father. According to her, she truly believes in the relationship between Natalia and Ivan Ivanovich.