Ivan Krasko is likely to remain without a roof over your head

Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой Famous actor continues to solve the housing problem. This time he faced particularly acute. We will remind that the people’s artist of Russia his wife Natalia Shevel have to share an apartment with former lover Andrey Krasko Margarita Zvonareva and her son Kirill.
Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой

86-year-old people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko and his 26-year-old wife Natalia Shevel has repeatedly told reporters that they have to live in extremely difficult conditions. The actor and his fiancee divide the square footage along with Margaret Zvonareva – the mother of the son of Andrei Krasko Cyril.

According to Ivan Ivanovich, the former lover of his deceased heir often conflicts with Natalia Shevel. In one interview, the actor compared the women with two females who were in the same den. Thursday, June 22, Krasko and his wife shared his story in the program “live”.

His luxurious apartment, the artist gave a previous wife Natalia Vial. Ivan broke up with a woman due to the fact that she has another man.

Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой“I had a two bedroom apartment. When we moved from a previous wife and sons in St. Petersburg, Natasha was a young man, and I said, “Guys, I can’t disturb you”. (…) Natasha’s mother then said to me: “while I Live”. Galina – just the perfect man, a good soul. I lived her for two years, then came Natalia”, – said the actor.
Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой

At one time Ivan wanted to determine the House of stage veterans, but the children that now live in Warsaw, invited him to settle in their apartment. “In the big room is home to the grandson of Kirill, and their mother, Margarita V. Zvonareva. I live with them… Indiffirentno,” shared paint.

As the words of movie and theatre stars, conflict broke out between his wife Natalia Shevel and ex-lover of Andrey Krasko. The beloved actor shared his version of the events. As noted Shevel, at first nothing foretold troubles.

“We have lived somewhere for about a year and everything was good and normal, when Margarita said, “the Son of the Pope there is nothing left, entice, please, Ivan to give him the car in memory of his father”. After I did that, the margaritas seemed to have changed. She began to tell me some things, assign graphics…. (…) Start scandals, accusations, I can’t understand anything”, – said Natalia.
Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой

Presenter Boris korchevnikov expressed surprise at the fact that Ivan Krasko was in a similar situation. “The case came to the sale of shares of apartments on the junction…” he said. Natalia Shevel explained that an argument over property broke out even before she married a famous actor.

Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой“You know, this conflict has been to me. The daughter of Ivan and Margaret, she lived there for 19 years. I’m already in it came all ready,” said the young actress.
Иван Краско рискует остаться без крыши над головой

In the program also showed an interview with the former spouse of the actor Natalia Vial. The woman said, why a famous actor moved down and rewrote her square footage.

“The Union of theatrical figures allocated to the family of Ivan Krasko apartment near the metro station “Prospekt Bolshevikov”. And we changed her to an apartment in the centre, moved on the Fontanka. And he’s just your part copied for me so that nobody had the right to come to the children and demand square meters”, – told Natalia.

Ivan Krasko also added that he didn’t get the apartment, and sold at the state price.

His opinion about the current situation I shared the journalist Natalia Murga, who was trying to interview Margaret Zvonareva. According to the reporter, former girlfriend of Andrei Krasko is in a depression due to the fact that can’t find work. Murga believes that the conflict in the family of a famous artist – it is a psychological confrontation between the two Housewives.