Ivan Krasko is in a difficult financial position

Иван Краско находится в сложном финансовом положении
Over the last two years Ivan Krasko married to Natalia, many do not believe in the sincerity of the Union.

Иван Краско находится в сложном финансовом положении

And it is not strange, because the difference in their ages is 60 years. Recently, Krasko admitted that he can’t make the wife lavish celebrations in honor of the anniversary, as is now experiencing financial difficulties.

“Now my vacation ends and there is a lack of money. Magnificently to mark the anniversary will not. And together we give each other. Maybe go to Lowe Dodin on “the Cherry orchard”, the man replied.

The actor believes that Natalia is happy with him and knowingly refers to the fact that he can’t afford to buy her expensive gifts.

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