Ivan Krasko has spoken out about his wife’s pregnancy

Иван Краско высказался о беременности жены The actor and his wife Natalia Shevel often become heroes of the media. Some time ago, the tabloids reported that the beloved are preparing to become parents. Ivan Krasko decided to comment on the rumors about the interesting position of the wife.

Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel got married two years ago. The Union honored the artist and his former students became one of the favorite topics for obsujdeniya in society. Many fans of the actor wondered when the young wife would bear him an heir.

On the eve of some domestic tabloids reported that Shevel expecting a baby. Rumors of a pregnant lady angered Ivan Krasko, the actor has commented on the publication of journalists.

“I have to admit that the terminally ill, love to you, my good. Therefore caution you not to give provocative statements in different media, they have one goal – profit. Scandal, sensation, and their ratings rise. Send them how I do it. All that we will have with Natasha, you will learn from me and Natasha. Love you, my dear,” – said the artist.

According to Krasko, gossip and rumors about his marriage, only strengthened the love for Natalia. Ivan reported that he has not thought about the children, because they do not have your space and financial capabilities are very limited. Shevel, in turn explained she had a difficult childhood. She is ready to become a mother in that case,if the future baby will not want for anything.

However, despite all the difficulties, the couple happy. Natalia helps the elderly spouse in the home, caring for him. Ivan reads a lot and enjoys physical exercise and even walk in bath with friends. The actor also kind to the girl, the only thing that prevents paint his young wife is to drive it under the heel. Now Natalia works a lot in theater and wrote poetry.

Natalia Krasko has repeatedly stressed in an interview that is not ashamed of the Union with a man older than her sixty years. The girl spoke candidly on a talk show that feels attracted to Ivan Ivanovich and sincere loves him as a man. Therefore, in their relationship harmony reigns. The young wife of Ivan Krasko openly talked about intimate life