Ivan Krasko could be blind

Иван Краско может ослепнуть The artist has declined. As told by Ivan Krasko, the last time it’s all blurry. To work on radio he print text with 72 font, so he could make out the words.

Famous actor Ivan Krasko complained about the condition. Recently, the star theatre was visited by a specialist in ophthalmic centre of the Mariinsky hospital. There he checked the sight. The doctors advised an elderly actor to do the surgery and sent to another medical institution to the surgeons.

“Although the operation is still better to be avoided, otherwise there is a risk of losing vision, and it is not part of my plans,” said Krasko.

According to the actor, he hasn’t read the books, so how does your vision get blurry small font. In his situation it is useless to wear glasses. As told to paint if he has to take part in the radio or play at the theater, he print text 72nd font.

The actor hoped for the best. 87-year-old Ivan is observed in doctors for several years and had several operations to correct the cataract eye.

“Well, in the end, if that Homeric condition – too not the worst variant. Homer was blind, but some of his poems were written,” said Krasko.

Head of the ophthalmology center of the Mariinsky hospital Gennady sandul told reporters that the actor diagnosed with a serious disease of the retina.

According to the “Fifth channel”, now the doctors found that glaucoma in paint is not detected, therefore, it is possible to make it so that the artist has not lost sight.

We will remind, earlier the wife of Ivan Krasko, Natalya already talked about the fact that he suffers from vision problems and jokingly called him a mole. However, a young wife trying to please her husband in everything, but it helps only in extreme situations, when he realizes that he himself can not cope.

“Here we go, say, “Peregrine”, I tell him bun out of the package, if he himself will not work. But first they say: “Try it yourself”. If this doesn’t help. He knows my position: I’m not the first married and I understand that to be led is not necessary. He’ll get what someone will do everything for him, and forget about the simple things,” said Natalia.

Wife of Ivan Krasko revealed the truth about his health problems

Ivan Ivanovich does not complain of health, but in turn, ensures that what they write about it in the media. After a number of high profile articles, the actor urged fans not to pay attention to scandalous headlines and assured that he was all right.