Ivan Krasko and his wife rejoice in the replenishment of the family

Иван Краско и его жена радуются пополнению в семье The actor has shared with journalists the good news. Ivan and Natalia Shevel opened a charming pet. Happy spouses are sincerely attached to the pet and consider him their child.

      Иван Краско и его жена радуются пополнению в семье

      Ivan Krasko and his wife Natalia Shevel has repeatedly said that the plan to have children. However, beloved artist put his condition. The girl said that it did not intend to give birth in crowded living conditions. Ivan was sympathetic to the position of the beloved. However, Natalia is not against Pets, and she persuaded her husband to have a charming pet. Recently, the family of the actor has increased by one member. The husband and wife sincerely attached to the kitten. About it Krasko said in the program NTV “You wouldn’t believe.”

      The young wife of Ivan Krasko: “I could marry an oligarch, but didn’t want to change myself”

      “Natasha asked me: “Dad, can I take a kitten?” This Clementine is just amazing closer and sealed our Union. As if we have a child, it’s amazing” — said Ivan to journalists.
      Иван Краско и его жена радуются пополнению в семье

      The actor also admitted to reporters that he loves his wife. “Without it I can not think. She inspires me physically and mentally, so to say, mentally,” admits the artist.

      Krasko also said that if his wife will find someone younger, he’ll let her go. Thus Ivan Ivanovich would feel pain and loss. But the happiness of the loved person is more important to him. “It’s young, I understand. I tell her that sooner or later you’ll find someone, probably. We have the ring engraved “Everything passes”, is a dictum of Solomon,” said the actor to the media.

      Иван Краско и его жена радуются пополнению в семье

      By the way, recently Natalia Shevel celebrated his 26th birthday. Since morning of the spouse of the actor was in for a pleasant surprise. Krasko presented favorite a white rose, and, as usual, brought coffee in bed, because Ivan always gets up early wife for half an hour to surprise her with a refreshing drink. In addition, the husband of actress gave her two-week trip to the United States. According to the journalists, Natalia visited the illegitimate daughter of a paint named Maria. The girl was ecstatic journey to another country. Shevel regularly published photos from the trip on social networks.

      We will remind that Ivan Krasko married Natalia Shevel in September last year. Student of people’s artist of Russia became his fourth wife. Sweethearts formalized their relationship in Krasnoarmeysk ZAGS cultural capital. The couple met in Saint-Petersburg Institute of humanitarian education where the star of cinema and theatre and has lectured, and Natalia was his student. At the moment, the family lives with daughter-in-law Ivan Lyudmila Zvonareva and grandson of Cyril, because the star of the movie and the theater gave all of the apartments are children from previous marriages.