Иван Янковский помог невесте справиться с бедой Relatives of the young actor told how he supported his beloved in this difficult period. The girl’s family was once two misfortunes, and Ivan Jankowski has done everything possible to help her. The lovers have been together for almost three years.

      Иван Янковский помог невесте справиться с бедой

      In Moscow premiere of the sci-Fi Thriller “Night watch,” the film will be released in Russian cinemas tomorrow, August 25. The main role is played by 25-year-old Ivan Jankowski. To support the young actor came parents – Philip Yankovsky, Oksana Fandera, and girlfriend Vera Panfilova. Heir star names manages not only to work but also to devote time to the loved one for three years, he meets the daughter of the leader of the rock group “Alisa” Konstantin Kintchev. The boys met while studying in GITIS, now they live together in a spacious apartment of Faith in the North-West of Moscow.

      “They fit together, both creative and accommodating, says “StarHit” the other guys Sergey Amosov. Often gather friends, throw parties, sometimes called all at the cottage in the suburbs. Vanya very romantic – still nice caring: like “Dating” in a cafe, film screenings, invites to performances in the theater, escorted to the shooting – drove to the airport.”

      Jankowski introduced Faith to her parents, she is also introduced to his family. “Vanya supported favorite, when a few months ago her father was struck with a heart attack, – continues Sergey. – Went with her to the hospital, was always on” connection. Recently they rallied another would – be wife Verinage uncle broke his spine.

      Иван Янковский помог невесте справиться с бедой“The amount of money collected the whole world, – said the “StarHit” uncle Faith Dmitry Loktev. – Very helpful and Panfilova, Jankowski and Phillip, Ivan, and ordinary people. Thanks to them, now the wife is recovering in the best center in Moscow, she has a chance to stand on its feet.

      To tie the knot, Ivan and Vera are not in a hurry, but talk about the future triumph go. “I heard about what you guys are planning a wedding, – has shared with “StarHit” the other Panfilova Denis Suskin. – But the exact date yet.

      Recall the relationship of the couple began in September last year, when journalists took the Faith and Panfilov Ivan Jankowski in celebration of the birthday girls. Probably, the lovers continued to hide his affair from the public, but in the actor’s environment talked about this for a long time.

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