Иван Янковский воссоединился с экс-избранницей
For the personal lives of actor Ivan Yankovsky watching with interest devoted fans.

Иван Янковский воссоединился с экс-избранницей

The fans genuinely overjoyed about the reunion of a young man with ex-lover Vera Panfilova, daughter of a member of the band “Alisa”.

Иван Янковский воссоединился с экс-избранницей

Ivan tried to build a relationship with the daughter of Arkady Novikov, but apparently realized that he was better with his ex-girlfriend.

“They fit together, both creative, non-confrontational, says a friend of the couple Sergey Amosov. Often gather friends, throw parties, sometimes called all at the cottage in the suburbs. Vanya very romantic – still nice caring: like “Dating” in a cafe, film screenings, invites to performances in the theater, escorted to the shooting – drove to the airport.”

Recall that young people began to build relationships in 2013, and even started talking about their wedding.

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