Ivan Jankowski broke up with the daughter of Konstantin Kintchev

Иван Янковский расстался с дочкой Константина Кинчева The lovers met for three years. Ivan Yankovsky and Vera Panfilova ceased to appear together at events and have removed each other from friend list in all social networks. Now Ivan Jankowski spends time in the company of a beginner blogger Taisia Rumyantseva.

      Иван Янковский расстался с дочкой Константина Кинчева

      The heirs of famous names, the 26-year-old son Filipp Yankovsky Ivan and 25-year-old Faith Panfilov, the daughter of the leader of the rock group “Alisa”, was considered the perfect couple. But after three years of relationship young people have decided to leave.

      On a premiere “the Queen of Spades”, where Jankowski Jr. plays one of the main roles, the actor came without a sweetheart, though in the past she always accompanied him to social events. Company Ivan made the other girl is an aspiring blogger Taisa Rumyantsev.

      “We’re not Dating, just good friends,” shared Taisa with “StarHit”.
      Иван Янковский расстался с дочкой Константина Кинчева

      Perhaps disingenuous. For Jankowski was seen before the premiere – a couple in a big company is constantly hanging out at the Patriarch’s ponds in Central Moscow.

      But more recently fans of Ivan and Vera were waiting for their engagement. Yes, friends and children, admitted to “StarHit” that the case goes to the wedding. Jankowski and Panfilov met each other’s parents, recently even lived together.

      “Vanya supported favourite in the spring when her father was struck with a heart attack, said “StarHit” a friend of the actor Sergey. – Went with her to the hospital, was always on”connection.

      Jankowski helped financially when a family Verinage uncle had an accident, needed money for surgery for his wife. However, as it turned out, feeling cold.

      “Ivan is recently very popular in the profession – says “StarHit” a close friend of Alexander Jankowski. – Yes, and he is not one, to devote himself to the family, spending evenings at home with beloved. I want to walk a little. Faith is also its business performances and rehearsals. At some point they must have noticed that began to spend together time. And then decided that we should not suffer. And departed”.

      And to finally dot the “i”, and even deleted each other from contacts in all social networks.