Ivan Ivanovich Krasko were left homeless

Иван Иванович Краско остался без жилья
“Passionate lover” Ivan Ivanovich Krasko were left without shelter and is now ready for all to earn money to pay off his Natasha.

Иван Иванович Краско остался без жилья

Work in the theater a lot of money do not bring, in addition to most of Natalia, Ivan Ivanovich, it is necessary to contain children from a previous marriage, so went the old man to the winds. He’s already said that the gentleman is responsible for his young wife, so he intends to help her until she finds a normal job and housing.

Here to earn money and went, the couple at the next talk show where, as it turned out, the reason for the divorce lies in the unwillingness of Natalia to give birth to her husband’s children, and it would be funny if it were not so sad.

Admitted Ivan, and that the sex he had not had for a long time and it is for the reason that she is afraid to get pregnant. Offended by this, Krasko left home. It turns out that now in his room Natalia lives and sleeps where is Ivan Ivanovich?

Иван Иванович Краско остался без жилья

So, apparently, now the couple again will be television that would garner the necessary for Natalia, the amount of compensation that she was able to leave the “family nest” and, finally, a divorce.

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