Ivan Dorn explained why disfigure yourself

Иван Дорн объяснил, зачем обезобразил себя The singer explained why he decided on a radical change of image. Recently Ivan Dorn appears at events with a thick beard and bandana in a vibrant hue. Fans surprised by the appearance of the musician.

      28-year-old musician Ivan Dorn grew a beard and started wearing a bright bandana. The appearance of the singer scares his fans. Fans of Ivan was used to that face of the actor is decorated with a stylish stubble, not thick vegetation. The new mandrel had to attend a few events and also perform in the program “Evening Urgant”.

      “Santa Claus”, “Santa Claus”, “Pirate”, “the Snow man,” “As from the forest ran”, “Brownie Kuzma,” – commented the subscribers microblog Ivan his light.

      Fans found ugly new image Ivan Dorn

      Recently, the music star gave an interview in which he spoke about why he decided on a radical change of appearance. According to Dorn, growing a beard, it motivates for hard work. Therefore, the longer the hair on the face of the performer, the longer he worked on new songs. Put yourself tight deadlines, Ivan does not love, because by nature he is quite liberal and undemanding.

      “For example, I need time to “podkinut”. It’s not suffering some specifics that are not compatible with the plan, with some chart… But on the other hand, if you don’t set the timing, all can be very lengthy. In this case, my deadline is my beard. It motivates me to finish an album quickly because I’m growing it until then, until we finish the English album – after that I immediately shave it. And so I suffer, I go with her, itchy. The beard is an indicator of the time that is spent working on the album,” shared the mandrel with journalists.

      On a stormy discussion, a new image on the Internet Ivan responds calmly. According to Dorn, the discussion in the Network – a sign that he is interesting to the public. The actor also admitted that he was even pleased with the attention from other people.

      Recall that at the moment, Ivan Dorn is working on a new Studio album, which will be the third in the discography of the singer. The musician recently returned from America, where he engaged in the works for several months. Shave the beard Dorn plans only when you finalize the disc. By the way, it will include songs in English only. The thing is that Ivan is going to conquer the Western scene. “I wonder another market to try, I want to there I also understood that I was there with other artists faced off,” quoted the young man’s magazine Harper’s Bazaar.