Ivan Barzakov publicly humiliated her

Иван Барзиков публично унизил избранницу The man believes that in some matters his beloved knows nothing about. Ivan Barzakov meets Elizabeth Polygalova. The star of “House-2” does not hide that the girl is still too young.

      On the project “Dom-2” Ivan Barzakov established himself as a womanizer and ladies ‘ man. Man connected relationships with the brightest participants of the reality show. Not so long ago he made a proposal of marriage to his beloved Irina Pinchuk. However, after some time, Ivan realized that can’t live life side by side with this girl, and therefore decided to part with it. Barsikow long suffered from loneliness. Soon, on his way he met the charming Elizabeth Polygalova. Despite the fact that the girl looks older than his age, the star of “House-2” can boast the wisdom and experience of the beloved. He’s low opinion of the intellectual abilities of girls.

      “Twenty-one, I have always been given thirty. And now everyone thinks I’m older. Is this specific some people – we used to grow up, but then stay the same. And in thinking Lisa is still young in some moments of silly,” says the star of “House-2”.

      Despite the fact that while the man is not thinking about starting a family, he’s already introduced her to his mother. He said that the women made friends with each other and constantly communicating. Barstow admits that Lisa is somewhat similar to his mother – the same calm, kind, well-mannered and without bad habits. However, the difficulties in the relationship they have due to the stubborn nature of the girl. However, because of passionate love, the reality star is ready to close eyes to some shortcomings of the chosen one.

      Ivan admits that Lisa repeatedly starts talking about children. However, Barsikow not to hurry with the birth of heirs, hoping to first resolve domestic issues.

      “As I said, in the nearest future I have a purchase of real estate in Moscow. Rental housing in the capital is a significant expense. And then we will plan for your family. Besides, Lisa is only twenty years old, I think she’s just a temporary clouding of the mind, because the project is now often addressed the theme of children. I think that by the age of 25 she will just walk up, and then we consciously come to the replenishment of the family”, – shared his reflections the man in an interview with “House-2”.