Иван Барзиков бросил Марину Африкантову One of the most beautiful couples in TV project “Dom-2” apart. Ivan Barzakov chose to leave the Marina Africanoboi. Many viewers have condemned the act of a young man and I hope he’ll come to his senses and return to his ex-girlfriend.

      Иван Барзиков бросил Марину Африкантову

      One of the Heartbreakers of the reality show “Dom-2” has recently parted ways with Marina Africanoboi. Instead of having to explain to the girl in person the reason for his action, Ivan Barzakov chose to write about it in Instagram. A young man posted a video which he captured, together with Marina. The lovers go on the car, then have a picnic, and then settled in the guest house of the project. “Let’s stay friends” — these words of Barsikow accompanied its publication.

      Followers of Ivan overreacted to his post. According to many, he didn’t have to leave the Marina. “Looking beautiful, Marina is a decent girl, nothing parted. Men, you do not understand!”, “Ivan, no! She’s the best on the project, Why you left her”, “Vanya, don’t be a fool, be with Marie, “Such as the Marina in the afternoon with fire will not find,” “Vanya, first saying you need a normal, calm attitude, and then throw it”, “Maybe change his mind yet”, — wrote in comments to the publication of Bursikova.

      Иван Барзиков бросил Марину Африкантову

      Despite the barrage of criticism that befell Ivan after breaking up with Marina, the young man stayed true to his decision. To prove this, he published another post in the social networks in which he wrote: “the First decision is always the correct one. Nevertheless, viewers continued to condemn his action against Africanoboi. “Vanya, what are you doing? Make peace with Marina, “you have friends, you suit each other”, “you should not have left her” — they expressed their opinion.

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      As for Marina, she became very upset due to the fact that Ivan has decided to abandon her. Like all Afrikantov out about this microblog of Bursikova. Deciding not to worry about it, the reality star threw a party in the VIP house. She also suggested who will be the new girlfriend of Ivan.

      “Ivan today broke up with me, by the way, I learned this information from his posts — he personally told me nothing. And for this reason was having a bachelor party for a female bedroom. And we in the VIP house the New year… Ivan invited all the girls to a barbecue and I was not even called, but we did not panic and in the VIP-house has arranged your party and had a great time. And since our house is opposite to barbeque, two o’clock at the bachelor party together with Vanya were the toughest — Nastya, Dasha and Maya. Who is Ivan?”, — shared Afrikantov in social networks.

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