Пора остановиться! Худоба дочери Любови Толкалиной уже пугает поклонников
Internet users worried about the health of 16-year-old Mary.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Lyubov Tolkalina Maria
Mikhalkov is so thin that the slender sixteen year old girl is already starting
to scare fans. In the last photo published by the actress in personal
the blog Love with my daughter washes Windows. Most of the subscribers
social pages of the star admired the look and the star mother, and her
daughter. “Strinasacchi! Fairies! Nymphs! Awesome! What do you thin
fine-boned, graceful!” — all the voices praised they Love and Mary.

However, among
Internet users were those who were seriously worried about the excessive, as they thought, the thinness Mikhalkova. As always, they did not skimp on the epithets and medical diagnoses
which, incidentally, can be put only by qualified specialists. “Not too skinny Masha? Directly is not very
nice to look at…”, “you Girls would eat!”

However, the majority of subscribers
asked for advice and asked to reveal the secret of how lost Masha. After all
only two years ago, Mikhalkov was a chubby teenager. 16-year-old artist
he told me that I lost an average of thirty pounds. This result
she doesn’t seem something fantastic.

“Just wanted and lost, —
Maria shared with journalists at one of the social events. — How much
I’m lazy and flabby, but dropped about 30 pounds.
In good, it to anyone, just had a strong desire. And
not to say that it was very difficult.”

The Daughter Of Yegor Konchalovsky
adhere to a healthy diet and engage regularly in sports. In the Arsenal
Masha horse riding, fencing, climbing, and more recently she became interested in
yoga, which many celebrities recognize the perfect load, allowing
to keep in shape all the muscles and provide flexibility and gracefulness.