«Мне пора колоть ботокс!» Лена Темникова пожаловалась на возрастные изменения
The singer decided to drastically fight wrinkles.

Photo: Instagram

Last week Elena Temnikova celebrated own 33rd birthday, and now wonder about… Botox! Despite the fact that on all of your photos, the singer looks just perfect, she wants to preserve your youth with the help of injections. For the first time with injections of beauty star of the “met” only at the age of 32 years. Last summer, she had biorevitalization and care nosogubnye folds. Now she apparently decided that I had time to fight wrinkles.

“I’ve got to do Botox!” — said fans Temnikova.

The main secret of perfect appearance of Helen is her personal beautician. For several years she goes to the same doctor and recommends it to their friends. “All my friends say I have the best beautician!” — says the singer.

The facial expressions, the star is not afraid to lose: she trusts his doctor and is confident that she will not do anything that would have turned the client into a “rubber Zina”.

“I was always proud of the fact that the lips are not pumped, did not use Botox or fillers. All my own, — says Elena. And I will insist that all specified nature is always better! On lips I the main enemy of such things and not become their “pump”. Because most often it is ugly. But I do not blame anyone. Each decides how he’s better. Recipe for beauty — glowing eyes. In love. The ability to be happy. And in a good competent beautician who will take care of your skin!”