“It’s simple!”: Anna Sedokova discovered the secret to incredible weight loss

«Все просто!»: Анна Седокова раскрыла секрет невероятного похудения
34-year-old singer was not difficult to get back in shape after the third confinement.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

In April of this year, Anna Sedokova became a large mom. Immediately after birth the long awaited son, the singer took up his figure. A week after giving birth, the actress bravely showed the figure in a swimsuit on the beach. And now, a month after the birth, surprised fans with the perfect flat belly and slim figure.

According to Anna, the recipe of weight loss is simple! Every day she complies with a few principles that helped her so quickly return to “Dobermann” form. To start her diet necessarily contains probiotics, which, according to Sedokova, required for good digestion.

Second, and most important, item on the list is water. “But do not forget to drink it? I bought a lot of small bottles and placed everywhere in the apartment, office and car put. Another evening be sure to put near the bed a Cup of water in the morning, eyes opened and immediately the water!” — told the 34-year-old Anna.

In addition, before Breakfast, the singer definitely eats a spoonful of honey and olive oil with lemon juice. “Are grandma’s recipes, but immediately visible results . The body and skin with essential healthy fats, and they have more in large quantity in fish oil!” — she says. From wearing bandage after childbirth Sedokova refused.

In conclusion, Anna recalled that the figure to watch out not after pregnancy, but life. She first came to the gym at 18 years old, and his two daughters: Monica and teaches Alina to play sports from a very young age.