Это не Подольская? Фанаты удивлены признанием в любви Владимира Преснякова
Artist scolded for the rash act.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov

Photo: @Instagram presnyakovvladimir Vladimir Presnyakov

Vladimir Presnyakov recently made a big mistake. The artist put up for public discussion a very bad photo wife Natalia Podolsky. Not exactly so. The thoughts he was clean: he just wanted to confess my feelings. For this, he chose not glossy photo with one of the joint photo shoots, home photo taken during telephone conversations with Natalia.

The reaction of the fans was instantaneous. For a start, many do not know Podolsky, assuming that Vladimir fell in love with Katherine Spitz. Identifying the wife of Vladimir, they criticized her appearance. “I would husband arrived for this photo” “This is not Natalia? She’s beauty was…”, “Arrows face distorted, why is the photo in?” – angry fans.

The funny thing about this story is that this picture was taken last spring. Moreover, Vladimir has already published it to the Network. Then Natalia also harshly criticized, but, apparently, Presnyakov just reads comments from fans. For him Podolsky is perfect in every way, it is unlikely that he did it on purpose? By the way, Natalia has recently and publicly admitted she loved the feelings, but chose a more successful family frame.