Все не как у людей: Глюк’oZa, Сябитова и Казанова о кошмарах в новогоднюю ночь Rose Sabitova choked on grape seeds, Natasha Ionova daughter locked in the basement, and Sati Casanova was afraid that it might hurt. “StarHit” learned how for stars a celebration almost turned into a disaster.

      Все не как у людей: Глюк’oZa, Сябитова и Казанова о кошмарах в новогоднюю ночь



      Natasha Ionova rarely 31 Dec homes – most often performs at corporate parties. “But meeting New, 2014 exception − she says “StarHit”. – I was so happy that I will be able to celebrate the holiday with her husband Sasha and daughters…” However, Natalia did not know that a two-year Faith almost spoil a long-awaited celebration.

      That night did not miss the chance and fully plunged into the atmosphere of celebration, continues the singer Gluk’oza. – A table covered with AU pairs, but I also had a hand in cooking − cut salads, decorated cake, the corner of his eye watching as the husband of Sasha with her older daughter Lida decorating the Christmas tree… after all this fuss, I didn’t notice that the clock is already 23:30. Shouted the relatives – say, the minute we sit down, I’ll be right back! And ran to the cellar for a bottle of sparkling wine. Five minutes chose the champagne, and the output I was surprised the door didn’t open. I pulled, and then it dawned on me – this is the Faith that the whole evening went for me by the tail, put things in order − slammed and turned the key. I began to shout, to call my husband, but it was useless – cellar too far from the living room. I could do nothing except wait. And the clock showed that before the New year about 15 minutes… luckily, 5 minutes before 00:00 breathless-husband found me, and we still had time to clink glasses under the chiming clock. I laughed, of course, from the heart – each New year we remember this history.”



      Все не как у людей: Глюк’oZa, Сябитова и Казанова о кошмарах в новогоднюю ночь

      The attraction of unprecedented generosity gave the singer and actor Anton Makarsky new year’s eve for 2015. “We celebrated the holiday in Israel – says the “StarHit” the wife of Anton Victoria. – Gathered many friends of different nationalities – Ukrainians, Belarusians, Jews, Russians… a toast to the New year, we raised four times – after the congratulatory speeches of each President. Anton got excited and offered to go for a swim. We started to talk – a sea, air plus 15°C, water temperature at all 12! But he wouldn’t stop… And to stay warm, the men took with them a pot of stuffed cabbage is warmer. We came to the beach, and men let’s dive… escape from the water, take the pot in hand and bask. The girls and I were laughing to tears. Went back, and Anton says that it is hard to bear, the stuffed cabbage, and we decided to hand them out to passers-by. The next morning a neighbor, hearing of our adventures, said that since the New year is celebrated in Thailand – only instead of cabbage distribute cakes”.

      OH, BOB, BOB…


      Все не как у людей: Глюк’oZa, Сябитова и Казанова о кошмарах в новогоднюю ночь

      Four years ago, a friend recommended the main tilecache new way to do it. “Bob said you were, like, the old-fashioned paper burn and eat? Progressive people have different make – take 12 grapes and send dreams into space, says rose “StarHit”. – I did so. Exactly under the chiming clock raised a glass of champagne, took a SIP and began to eat the grapes. But something went wrong and I was choking – I began to cough and gasp for breath. The benefit was not at home one son Denis and daughter Xenia. They freaked, of course, started the mother on the back beat, the bread crust to poke me, but to no avail, and meanwhile I was already red as a lobster… Thank you Ksenia had an Epiphany – she put me in the position of the Pegasus, grabbed the waist from behind and be pulled. Then grape seeds and came… Right after that I called Basil and he said all that I think about it – mainly checkmate.”


      ALL FIRE


      Все не как у людей: Глюк’oZa, Сябитова и Казанова о кошмарах в новогоднюю ночь

      The most fabulous night of the year is over for singer fire, the reason of which was her pet, a Maltese named Demenour. “It happened two years ago, says Apina “StarHit”. We celebrated the New year in our country house, like a family – with daughter Ksenia, her husband Sasha. Set the table, lit candles… After midnight went to the yard to blast the fireworks. We had about 15 minutes, but Deminor it was enough to turn the candles on the sofa, from which he naturally caught fire. Back in the room smoke, the dog whines, huddled in a corner, burning the sofa… with her husband quickly ran to the bathroom and took a basin and a bucket of water and began to extinguish the fire. Fortunately, the fire managed to spread to curtains and the carpet, otherwise no fire is not done. Water, by the way, was not only the sofa but also on the festive table, so the morning of January 1 for Breakfast, salad and salad with crab sticks we could not – had to re-fry chicken and bake biscuits. Since then, I have candles for the New year don’t turn on and pay more attention to Debemur not alone in the room…”




      The singer will always remember the meeting of the New year 2007.

      “This happened in my hometown of Nalchik, I was in the restaurant, – says the star with “StarHit”. – Everything was going fine until one night one of the hottest men decided to arrange the firing of a gun. What happened! Someone decided that was raided by the bandits and also began to shoot. People crawled under tables, women screamed. At that time I was on stage, got scared and ran backstage. So swept past me “mate” with a broken nose and asked if I had seen a certain Abdul? I mumbled something in response, although the language of terror just did not move, the man ran on. In five minutes all was quiet, and the organizers drove me home – all the way home I mentally thanked God that he was injured…”