Это не она! Увлекшись ботоксом, звезда «Великолепного века» ужаснула поклонников
Fresh pictures of Meriem Userli “blew up” the Network.

Это не она! Увлекшись ботоксом, звезда «Великолепного века» ужаснула поклонников

Meriem Userli

Meriem Userli

The star of the TV series “the Magnificent
century” Meriem Uzerli, who became famous after the role of red-haired temptress
Roksolany shocked fans with his appearance. After the Network got
photography and videography the stars from the Cannes film festival, fans are not tired
discuss the changes in appearance of the once beautiful stars.

Internet users argue passionately, proving that the video is not it, as
to know a woman with a swollen face and swollen lips Meriem very
difficult. The sad truth is that the victim of plastic surgery — just Uzerli,
as part of the images published in
her personal microblog.

Fans accused
actress abusing the Botox, but the star has not stopped. Meriem
reason increased eyelashes yourself, overdo it with their length. And without that
the dubious way the artist added excessive eyebrow tattoo. Noticed
fans that the star is clearly “pulled” the shape of the face. If you consider that the actress
only 34, a negative reaction in the blogosphere discussing lip-dumplings and
terribly stretched skin celebrities can understand.