Все дело в... скотче! Водонаева раскрыла секрет супердекольте

To wear a backless dress, Alena used the life hack from Kim Kardashian and appeared before the subscribers without underwear.

Most recently, Alena Vodonaeva has devoted fans in his plans – she is going to a breast reduction. During a trip to new York star even looked to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation. What was the surprise leading followers, when they found a photo of her with the white stickers on my chest. Really dare?

The many half-naked Alena and her bosom distracted from the message of the stars, that she took a life hack from Kim Kardashian.

“Thanks Kim Kardashian for the idea. Dealing with open dresses closed! Tape repair and Imusic question decided,” wrote Alain, and then posted a picture from the races of Grand Prix Radio Monte Carlo, where shone in a strapless dress.

In fact, Vodonaeva shared a simple and affordable way that will help a lot of girls, owners of magnificent Breasts, look great in dresses with a deep neckline. But Alain barrage of criticism.

“There are so many special stickers for sale, and these beautiful, adhesive tape and glue is not necessary! Well, this is the horror of Alena! Think how then will shoot,” the girl wrote in comments.

However, there were also those who supported the idea and remembered the same trick Kardashian. Kim then published in his Instagram a photo with the tape on his chest and explained that over the years uses the subject of the office, so that even in the dresses with the deep cleavage of her ample Breasts looked stunning. And according to Kim, which certainly have enough money for bras of all models and configurations, the best Scotch with the support of ample bosom can not cope any one article of clothing.

And really, why spend money on all sorts of “Velcro”, if all brilliant, as always, just? By the way, while Alena wants a breast reduction, Kim is thinking about reducing the priests! Do not understand these stars… (read More HERE.)

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