“It’s impossible to comprehend” star Boris Notkin my condolences to his family

«Это невозможно осмыслить»: звездные друзья Бориса Ноткина соболезнуют его близким On 11 November, the broadcaster has committed suicide after he was diagnosed. Sergei Bezrukov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Igor Nikolaev and many others were quick to Express condolences to the relatives of Boris Notkin. According to celebrity, the man was the personification of a decent journalist.
«Это невозможно осмыслить»: звездные друзья Бориса Ноткина соболезнуют его близким

On 11 November it became known that TV presenter Boris Notkin committed suicide in his house in the suburbs. According to media reports, near the body of a man was found a note in which he asked nobody to blame for his own death. The journalist said that he was leaving life voluntarily and tired to fret about the dreaded disease.

Later it turned out that Boris Isaevich was suffering from a terminal disease. He often complained of weakness and dizziness, and even was hospitalized a few weeks before his death. Body of TV presenter found his wife.

Many stars were shocked by the sad news. They were quick to Express condolences to the family Notkin. So, Igor Nikolaev posted in Instagram, dedicated to the incident.

“Boris Isaevich, how so? Can’t believe it. you always exuded such confidence and cheerfulness, inspiring, and infecting it with cheerfulness all who communicate with you. We had a common passion – tennis. When we spoke with you in the picture, I thought you know everything about me and everything I feel. Thank you. Now you know what’s on the other side of life,” the musician wrote.

Wife Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova also dedicated to deceased TV presenter post in Instagram. A young woman noted that Boris Isaevich supported her creative endeavors and was always very kind to others. According to singer, it is this optimism allowed Notkin to find a common language with everyone.

“He was tired of tormenting his accursed disease under the terrible name of cancer, which increasingly takes the lives of good people! I’m sorry for you, Boris Isaevich. Sorry you didn’t find the strength to fight anymore. I want to Express my condolences to the friends and family, especially his wife Irina Ivanovna,” – said Julia.

Actor Sergey Bezrukov was shocked by the sad news. He had no idea of the serious illness with which had to fight Boris Notkina.

«Это невозможно осмыслить»: звездные друзья Бориса Ноткина соболезнуют его близким“He had a lot of material. He was a wonderful and sincere journalist. It is simply impossible to comprehend. As I spoke with him, he never showed that sick. I didn’t even know,” – said Bezrukov.

Stas Sadalsky also couldn’t stay away from the incident. The actor said that for a long time was friends with Boris Marshak, often met him in the gym. The Notkin was impressed with the simple and good man, not spoiled by fame and success.

“Monstrous year, kind of an endless series of losses, but the way Bob now gone from life, it’s so sudden and scary! Every time I read such news about suicide on the grounds of Oncology, I think – twenty-first century, what is happening, when people will cease to settle scores with life from-for pain and suffering? The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no”, – shared his thoughts Sadalsky.

Journalists contacted Leonid Yarmolnik, one of the good friends Boris Notkin. He was shocked about the news of the death of the journalist.

«Это невозможно осмыслить»: звездные друзья Бориса Ноткина соболезнуют его близким“He was one of the most eminent, erudite leaders. Such people once or twice and obchelsya. Boris was not like all the rest. It is now all wheel drive are the same, and he was an amazing, unique personality,” said Yarmolnik.

Speaking to representatives of TV channel “REN TV” Leonid Yarmolnik admitted that he did not even know about the illness of Boris Notkin. Men often met and spent time together this summer. However, the presenter preferred not to talk about the terrible disease.