It’s a shame: Japanese Princess in vain sacrificed his title

Обидно: японская принцесса зря пожертвовала своим титулом
The wedding of the granddaughter of the Emperor cancelled.

Обидно: японская принцесса зря пожертвовала своим титулом

Japanese Princess Mako


Princess Mako decided not to get married: this information caused a loud
scandal. After all, in order to be able to marry with her
elect that, she seemed madly in love, Mako refused
his title and right to be a member of the Imperial family. Princess
have an affair with “mere mortals” lawyer Kay Komuro.

Akihito met
with him when they were both students at International Christian University in Tokyo. The lovers first met at a student party in the restaurant
Shibuya. Although the novel caused discontent among senior
members of the Imperial family, Mako decided to marry Kay married. Has already been appointed
wedding date: it was to be held in November 2018. Now, however, Mako announced that
cancels the marriage. Her explanation of why she went to such a step, surprised
everything. “What we hastily made this important decision demonstrates our
immaturities. We both hurried in vain, and now we need time to reflect
this step and prepare for married life. We are very sorry about that
caused unnecessary anxiety to those who supported us,” said 26-year-old Mako, which met Komuro as much as 6 years.

Now when the wedding will take place — if it
ever will be — is unknown. In any case, it is not exactly
be appointed earlier than in 2020. After all, in the spring of 2019, the scheduled
the abdication of the ruling Emperor Akihito, followed by solemn
the enthronement of his successor. Exactly who inherits the throne, is not exactly known.
Most likely it will be uncle Mako — Prince Naruhito. Besides him on the throne
could theoretically claim the father of Mako and younger brother of the former Princess,
as succession is carried out in Japan through the male line.

Japanese Princess Mako with key Komuro