Italian wedding: al Bano was given the daughter of a billionaire

Итальянская свадьба: Аль Бано выдал дочь за миллиардера

Wedding 30-year-old Kristel became one of the most anticipated events of the year in Italy.

This wedding, the Italians were waiting for Al Bano Carrisi in the country a real idol, the famous hit “Felicità” in the performance of the singer and his ex-wife Romina Power still humming their fans all over the world.

3 September, they married off their eldest daughter christelle for Chilean billionaire. 33-year-old Davor Luksic is the heir of the owner of a chain of hotels, banks and the copper industry.

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“Meeting christelle and Davor happened in new York, told Woman’s Day wedding organisers Victoria Kursova and Eleanor Ziganshina. — In the company of mutual friends the girl presented the young man from a very respectable and wealthy family. He’s young, good looking, educated and? most importantly, nurtures a genuine love for Italy. Before this set of fine qualities, the young blonde beauty to resist could not.”

For some time the lovers met, traveled together, and then the day came when Davor gave Kristel a ring with a huge diamond. Oh, she was happy and of course said Yes.

The wedding took place in the South of Italy, in the town of Cellino San Marco, where he was born and lived all her life Albano Carrisi. In one of his ancient manors of the XVI century organized a Banquet for 480 guests. All this has been implemented using the Verona wedding Agency Palazzoeventi.

“Our main task was to transform an ancient possession of the exclusive space for the realization of this Grand wedding celebration. The peculiarity of construction was that she was missing her roof and any facilities. So our team of experts in wedding preparation had a good sweat to create a real fairy tale” – remember the Italian owners of the Agency.

Everyone was in awe of the gorgeous decorations with flowers, a program of entertainment and concert by renowned international artists, including close friends of Albano. The song “Felicità” performed by the bride’s parents al Bano and Romina moved guests to tears, because there are those who still believe that one of the most beautiful couples of the 80s will once again be reunited.

Favorite celebrity Italian designer Carlo Pignatelli has created one of the bride dresses with hand-embroidered veil with a length of 4 m, a tuxedo for al Bano and gold dresses for the organizers of the celebration.

“The dress code of the wedding – tuxedos for men and long dresses for beautiful ladies. A symbol of the triumph became the olive branch, so everything was decorated in green and white, continue girls. — Rich scenery also stressed chosen the theme of love to the native earth, which can be traced in all details. Fine hair Kristel decorated with precious barrette takes the shape of olive branches, which gave her the mother of the groom. Davor, in turn, chose a stylish suit from Tom Ford”.

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It is noteworthy that Christel and her fiance were allowed incredibly beautiful to decorate the Cathedral of San Matteo in Lecce, where their wedding took place on the second day of the celebration. Along the passage were placed olive trees, on the floor scattered petals of white roses, during a ceremony Carrisi sang “Ave Maria”.

“To organize it all, had to ask for the blessing of the Pope, because in Italy it’s not so chic to decorate the Church. Fortunately, the Vatican reacted with understanding.”

After the celebration the couple went to his home in Croatia, to take a deep breath after a two-day holiday, and after a while arranged for a memorable honeymoon in the Islands of the Indian ocean.