Italian passions: the scandals in the families Dzhigurda, Bulanova and Arshavin

Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина “StarHit” remembers alliances of celebrities who are not characterized by stability. Despite recurring controversy, the lovers still manage to find common ground and save the relationship.
Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Stars are always under the supervision of the army of his fans. Fans follow their fashion style, achievements, failures and, of course, personal life. The breakup of a famous person with the second half invariably causes rapid interest among the public. However, there are couples who never differed stability. In their homes year after year boil Italian passion, but it does not prevent musicians and actors to enjoy life.

“StarHit” decided to recall the well-known couples who repeatedly break up and agree not to fight my feelings.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Actor and skater are married not the first year. Their Union from the beginning seemed too extravagant. Fragile Anisina and Dzhigurda brutal are the parents of two adorable children. By the way, Nikita was present at birth and even filmed the whole process on camera, to show the fans the highlights.

In the press and then there are the rumors about the breakup of the scandalous pair. The couple repeatedly argued emotionally in public, but on the verge of divorce was only once, in 2017. Then Marina has filed for divorce, claiming that beloved is behaving very strangely.

“I’d really like to take myself in hand and found myself. Not to be found under a bridge in new York or in a Motel somewhere. I sincerely wish him to take his head, because there is no negative to it I do not. To take revenge on him never going. We share children, I’m grateful for them. But I think he needs a good think” – admitted then the Marina.

Many fans came to the conclusion that the contention in the pair occurred due to the ill-fated war over the inheritance Ludmila Bratash, which is still ongoing. Marriage Anisina and Dzhigurda was terminated, but after a few weeks of the spouses were again seen together.

Nikita admitted that he was able to make peace with the beloved. Moreover, it is claimed that in the near future again intend to become a father and re-married to Anisina those. Now the star couple often puts pictures of, not tired to confess to one another in love.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Roman Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet began with a scandal. The fact that at the beginning of a relationship divorce men ex-wife Eugenia Feofilaktova was not completed until the end.

Of course, fans came to the conclusion that Victoria repulsed lover from another ex-member “House-2”. However, the Romanets categorically denied this fact. The girl stressed that the relationship of Anton and Eugenia was already on the verge at the time of her acquaintance with the man. Novel stars telestroke developed rapidly, and after a few months came the news that they are going to get married.

Victoria talked about a large and noisy wedding, chose a dress and rings and then the engagement was suddenly cancelled. The Network leaked the scandalous correspondence romanet with a certain friend, in the course of which it unflattering comments about the future husband. The girl hastened to explain the situation and called the true cause of the breakup.

“I invested 500 thousand in the wedding party, then had to pay 200 for a restaurant, but Anton did not find them. I can call Anton Alfons. He never paid for the house, and I bought him everything, including jerseys and shorts,” – said Victoria.

It seemed that the relationship is ruined, but fans continued to believe in the love Victoria and Anton. Soon they were again seen together, although the celebrity couple and refused to comment on the status of their relationship.

Wedding Gusev and romanet still held. They staged a romantic ceremony on an exotic vacation, and after a long time shared touching photos.

However, in the winter of 2018 came the news about the imminent divorce of the spouses. Victoria allegedly was dissatisfied with the material situation of the beloved. Despite all the gossip, Anton and his beautiful wife are still together. According to fans, partners is just different temper, and therefore each of their quarrel nearly ends in a breakup. One can only hope that former members of “House-2” will be able to save your relationship.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Another couple that has never been stable. Relations Dmitry and Olga began the TV project “Dom-2”. The lovers fought constantly, but they also had so strong feelings that even after the most serious conflict followed by reconciliation.

In the summer of 2017 Dimitrenko and Rapunzel got married. They threw a great celebration for the family, and then went to rest in the UAE. It seemed that the couple is experiencing the best period of their relationship, after all, a young woman not only admitted to the spouse in love, but she was expecting his baby. However, already in Olga announced desire to get divorced.

“He beat me repeatedly. Once directly grabbed by the throat and started shaking. In the eyes there was so much rage. How can you beat a pregnant woman? The most important thing I have to worry is the health of my future baby. I hope that everything that happens to the child does not affect”, – shared his emotions Olga.

Soon the young woman returned to the TV project “Dom-2”. She was hoping to find a new man, but quickly realized she still loves Dimitri. He Dimitrenko after several months of trials finally decided to return to his wife.

Now Olga and Dmitry try all the free time to spend together. A young woman recently gave birth to a charming girl. She admits that she long ago forgave the wife and believes that their Union will never break up.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Fans for a long time believed in the strength of this Union. The fact that Andrew went to Alice from his wife Yulia Baranovskaya, who was pregnant with his third child. The player himself tried not to comment on personal life and only occasionally admitted being madly in love with a new passion.

The athlete was able to find a common language with children of Alice from a previous relationship. Despite the constant scandals surrounding them, the lovers managed to keep their feelings. In 2017 the long-awaited wedding of the footballer and his lady. The celebration was humble, and attended to him only a few guests.

Soon Alice gave wife a daughter. However, the bright future of the star couple almost collapsed because of the betrayal of Andrew. After only a few months after the wedding, Arshavin announced the divorce. The main reason for the breakup, she called the infidelity of the player.

Andrew himself did not deny that there was communication of a sexual nature with other women. For a long time he tried to get the sweetheart of forgiveness, and eventually reached the goal. A little later, Alice confirmed that the divorce is off.

“He asked for forgiveness and I believed it. My kids love it, daughter of Andrew doted. I want to give him another chance. Now we are all well,” said Alice.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Western star is also often can not find a common language with the second half. The most striking example of such passionate relations — Union of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

The girl was only 14 when she met her future idol of millions of fans. Selena and Justin quickly became the main idols of Western youth. Incredibly successful artists, they never confess to each other in love.

While lovers often quarrel, and three years after the start of the relationship and even broke up. Gomez refused to comment on the subject. Soon she began Dating a popular singer The Weekend. Bieber and all had a ball, almost every month changing girlfriends.

It seemed that they will never be together, but at the end of 2017, there were rumors about the reunion of lovers. Selena broke up with my boyfriend and spent a romantic vacation with Justin. Now, stars often see together while Cycling or a quiet rendezvous at a local café. Fans hope the breakup went the idols, and now they will not miss their love.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

Quite a long time Union Tatyana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov looked perfect. The star couple did not give reason to doubt their feelings. They appeared together at social events and often shared details of their life together.

The singer gave her beloved son, Nikita, but in 2016 came the news about the breakup of the stars. About it in an interview, he said Bulanov. The young woman did not comment on the reason for the breakup, but fans immediately came to the conclusion about the possible infidelity Radimov. The player himself or refused to talk about personal problems, or denied the breakup.

Tatiana Bulanova started talking about a second wedding with Vladislav Radimov

Soon, the singer hinted at a possible reunion with the second half.

“I’m maybe the third time will be married for Vlad. Suddenly it will make me a nice offer on his knees, with a ring,” said Bulanov

While it is not known whether the couple can overcome the crisis in relations. Anyway, Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov remains one of the most beautiful pairs of domestic show-business.


Итальянские страсти: громкие скандалы в семьях Джигурды, Булановой и Аршавина

For twenty years, Larisa Guzeeva and Igor Bukharov was considered the perfect couple. Wife seldom gave occasion for gossip, consistently demonstrating a family idyll.

However, at the end of 2016, suddenly appeared the news about the separation of the spouses. Guzeeva does not hide the fact that they were sebastolobus with serious contradictions. However, in April 2017, the presenter said that is not going to file for divorce.

Husband Larisa Guzeeva open up about their relationship

“Igor has survived a very difficult winter – confessed Larissa guzeyeva. Everything I said earlier about our breakup, really. There is no smoke without fire. We together with Igor for 20 years, anything can happen. Our brains involved, we decided not to tell the country. What happened with us, can survive, and we survived. But family crisis is not yet overcome. Igor will be with me in the day when I walk into the house after renovation. Until. Struggling we try with Igor on the project, because our fans are not obliged to suffer along with us. Thank you all for your participation. Thank God, we got away with it, divorce will not.”

Now Guzeeva prefers not to comment on personal life. According to fans, the presenter was able to forget about the insults and quarrels for the sake of sincere feelings. At social events Larissa has been appearing consistently on the arm of her husband, confirms the strength of the relationship.


The star of the series “Zaitsev +1” has repeatedly told me that she had a real Italian family. Aglaia and her husband Fyodor are always very quarrel violently, but manage to reconcile quickly. The actress noted that in the case of serious conflicts, it always turns for help to parents who are ready to resolve any differences that arose between the young.

Shilovskiy and Vorontsov officially registered the relations only at the end of 2017. Before the lovers met for about five years. They repeatedly broke up, always resurrecting their relationship.

According to Aglaia, Fedor is the most perfect man she had dreamed for all life. She tries not to dwell on the aspects of his personal life and rarely comments on the relationship with the spouse. Even their wedding in the end was a mystery, and fans learned about her. Despite the increased secrecy, Shilovsky and Vorontsov, considered to be one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema.