Итальянские страсти! Сати Казанова заговорила о разводе
The singer shared details of family life with a foreign husband.

Sati Kazanova with her husband Stefano Tiozzo

Photo: Instagram

Sati Kazanova, who recently got married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo,
it seems, knew what was going on in their beautiful family from the first day of passions. In
such cases usually add, “serious”, but the singer says just about

“Humor is the saving — and in relationships, and in life!
— said Sati. Sometimes one joke is enough to resolve the tense situation
or resentment. When a man has a great sense of humor, a sharp mind, it is unchanged
admire the woman. Much I just! This is my “erogenous zone”

Fortunately, my husband is gifted with this quality! And thanks
the way he makes fun of all of my “cockroaches” and all my “cracks”, I like
she healed from them I learned to laugh at myself. Even Stefano jokes that
will divorce me that day when I will cease to be giggly and silly. Have
we even have our own top list of the most funny jokes. But they are so intimate that neither
what I can share. When he goes somewhere far away, I remember one
yourself laughing in the apartment.”

While Sati collects intimate jokes with her husband,
The network actively discussing her possible pregnancy. The singer has not commented
the information about the imminent change in my life, but admits on the child, and
better than one, it is, of course, dreams. Moreover, the Caucasus, and in Italy
it is customary to have many children. But before such an important step as motherhood, Sati Kazanova decided to learn all about what it means to be a mom.

In the beginning of the year, the singer released the song under
the name “Mom” in which she sang of her love for her mother. Now there is
preparing for the filming of the video, and Casanova launched the Network global flash mob. It
asked its subscribers to remove and send in the mail a video message to the mothers.
Meaning: to admit to their mothers in what I could not before. The singer is sure,
this will help establish mutual understanding between mothers and their children. But at the same time
draw conclusions for yourself.

“God, to become closer to all, created
mothers,” says Casanova. — A mother’s love is very similar to the love of God to
us. She loves always, even to the end of our days, accepting, experiencing and preserving.
The mother gives her children very much – their blood, their tribal strength tribal
memory. His image, his love, his values, example of life, example of a relationship
to yourself and others. Being a mom is work and not every woman is ready to become
real mom. Deal with it, maybe not any woman. Have not
so hard. And becoming a mother — this way!”