Italian guide calls himself the father of figure skater Maxim Kovtun

Итальянский гид называет себя отцом фигуриста Максима Ковтуна The man remembered that once he had a brief affair with a married Elena, which ended in a pregnancy. Guide from Italy Anatoly Kovtun asks the athlete to undergo a DNA test to prove the relationship.
Итальянский гид называет себя отцом фигуриста Максима Ковтуна

To the editor of “StarHit” asked Emma Shapiro, who said that her nephew Anatoly Kovtun is the biological father of Russian figure skater Maxim Kovtun. Now the man who for many years worked as a guide in Italy, decided to restore family ties and even take a DNA test. To establish contact with the son he’s trying for the first time.

“Once Roofing have tried to get to the rink of CSKA, home of Maxim, to talk to him, but Tatiana Tarasova, learning about the intentions, asked security not to let him,” – says the “StarHit” aunt men.

The story took place 23 years ago in Yekaterinburg.

Итальянский гид называет себя отцом фигуриста Максима Ковтуна“Then I was in a relationship, but everything was going to break, – says Anatoly. – Of course, looked for other options. And it so happened that a married Lena (mother of the skater. – Approx. “StarHit”) pregnant. She then, by the way, are already growing two boys. Spouse of Helen was a figure skater named Pavel Kovtun, last name just like mine. Friends advised her to say that the child from him, saying that wherever two sons, and there three, the man responsible, the child will not leave. And so it happened. 18 June 1995, Maxim was born, Paul loved him, I was all happy. Was very surprised to find that the son became a famous athlete. Though it has been many years, but I need to communicate with him… Because clearly, he’s mine. But see we not allow the mother of Maxim. Elena doesn’t want me to know”.
Итальянский гид называет себя отцом фигуриста Максима Ковтуна

One of the reasons why the man decided to recall their alleged son after so many years, that Anatoly learned about the failures of Maxim ice – skater recently withdrew from the championship of Russia, having failed arbitrary program, and, consequently, lost the chance to participate in the Olympics 2018.

“Tole sincerely want to support him, continues Emma Shapiro. – By the way, he himself since childhood, loves to skate. Sure, besides the fact that max is like him as two drops of water, they have a lot in common!”

Before the New year, Anatoly even flew to Moscow to try to meet again and get to know the son, and to persuade to take a DNA test.

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