Italian design radiators Royal Thermo in the interior

Итальянские дизайн-радиаторы Royal Thermo в интерьере

Can the radiator be interior decoration along with painting or art object and perfectly cope with its function of heating the room?
We’ve learned that the radiator is utilitarian objects, in which there is nothing aesthetically justified. They are hidden behind bars, bashfully covering up the curtains and trying to do as seamlessly as possible. It is time to abandon old stereotypes!

Итальянские дизайн-радиаторы Royal Thermo в интерьере

Modern designer radiators radically change the traditional approach. The variety of shapes, colors and textures allows you to fit the radiator in the interior of any style from classics to hi-tech. It offers vertical, horizontal and curved models.

How to choose a radiator for interiors in different styles?

Radiator is coming out of the shadows and becoming a full decorative element of the situation, must conform to it in style. For modern interiors, such as loft or hi-tech, a heat sink can be easier than for classic or country, however, for any style, you can choose a suitable bimetal radiator Royal Thermo brand.

Tip: don’t be afraid to experiment. Unusual or contrasting black vertical radiator can become the unexpected focus of attention of the whole interior, replacing the banal wall poster or photo.

Radiator for classic interiors

The only extra note is able irrevocably to spoil a brilliant piece of music. Alone an unsuitable piece of furniture, able to destroy its harmonious image. Very often, devices and engineering systems in the classical interiors become such a discordant detail.

Italian designers of the brand Royal Thermo for contemporary reading of classical and colonial interiors propose to use the model of radiator Pianoforte. Straight front sections are rhythmically arranged at different angles, resembling the piano keys in motion.

Итальянские дизайн-радиаторы Royal Thermo в интерьере

An important additional option in order to fit the radiator into an existing interior, the ability to choose a different color from the usual white.

Model Pianoforte can be made in the colors:

  • exquisite white (Bianco Traffico) with perfectly polished, like silk, surface;
  • black (Noir Sable) with a nice matte finish;
  • noble silver (Silver Satin), also with a slightly rough texture.

Mechanical impact and humidity are not afraid of colorful layer, as it is applied with ultra 7-step nanopores TECNOFIRMA. Each radiator undergoes a complicated process of painting, during which it is degreased, treated against corrosion Oxsilan 9870, painted by anaphoresis, dried in an oven at a temperature 195⁰С applied polyester powder paint Akzo Nobel (the Netherlands) and then “bake” it at a temperature of 170 degrees.

Radiator for modern interiors and lofts

The loft style as if specially created for the demonstration of design radiators in all its glory, because the removal of any of the engineering systems in a prominent place — one of its distinctive features.

Metal construction for decoration and interior accessories will be more appropriate paintings, sculptures and vases. In General, a more modest background, can be released only one bright piece of furniture, which could become a design radiator.

Итальянские дизайн-радиаторы Royal Thermo в интерьере

In principle, any design-radiator Royal Thermo fit perfectly into the brutal aesthetics of this style, however, designers recommend to pay for a model Biliner. Creating the design was inspired by the streamlined aerodynamic forms of the Italian “supercars”, through which he is able also to quickly heat the room.

The radiator is presented in 3 color options:

  • deep black — Noir Sable;
  • exquisite white — Bianco Traffico;
  • noble silver — Silver Satin.

Memo: patented technology POWERSHIFT (additional ribbing on the vertical manifold section) increases the heat transfer of the radiator Biliner 5%.

The loft interiors is not customary to use curtains, so the radiators, anyway, remain on view and their choice should be approached very carefully.

Radiators for spacious rooms with large Windows

A particular challenge for designers represent areas with high and wide Windows, panoramic Windows, Bay Windows, or Windows, combined with the balcony doors. Large Windows serve as an additional source of cold, however, to find a suitable place near them for a full installation of the heater easy.

The perfect solution can be vertical radiators, easily accommodating the wall between the Windows. Model Pianoforte Tower, inspired by the skyscrapers of Manhattan, looks great on the wall without eating up valuable living space and providing a sufficient amount of heat.

Memo: radiator Pianoforte Tower suitable for residential, office and commercial interiors in the styles of loft, Chalet, hi-tech. Wood panels, concrete, brickwork or simply office wall will be a perfect backdrop to this sleek design.

Radiator Pianoforte Tower available in colors:

  • deep black (Noir Sable);
  • exquisite white (Bianco Traffico);
  • noble silver (Silver Satin).

Technical features Italian bimetal radiators

It is important to choose not only beautiful, but also a reliable radiator, because this device should last for many years. Bimetal radiator Royal Thermo can become the focus of attention in the interior, but despite the elegant appearance, copes with its basic functions.

Reminder: radiators Royal Thermo is suitable for installation in any system of heating from cottage to standard apartments in an apartment building.

They are made in the oldest Italian factory of Campo Di Calore by casting under pressure. For casting sections used aluminium alloy AK12M2, and for vertical and horizontal manifold — high carbon steel grade 20. With this technology, bimetal radiators are not afraid of corrosion, no hammering, and the warranty on them is 25 years.

For each stylistic and planning decisions you can select a suitable bimetal radiator is in the desired color. To make it easy on the official website of the manufacturer. It is important not to limit the imagination by the standard solutions.