«Был шок!»: Стефания Маликова рассекретила подробности рождения брата
Daughter of people’s artist compared the baby with a doll.

«Был шок!»: Стефания Маликова рассекретила подробности рождения брата

Dmitry, Elena and Stefania Malikova with a newborn baby

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

24 Jan Malikov Stefania received a new status. On the eve of the 18th anniversary of the daughter of Dmitry and Elena Malkovich became a big sister. The people’s artist with the help of surrogacy son was born. The singer and his wife, of course, directed all his attention and care for the new baby. How this situation feels Stefania? Not jealous if she parents a younger brother that became a sensation?

Many users on the Network, tracking the life of Stephanie, thought she was not very pleased with the appearance of his brother. At the party organized on the occasion of the discharge of his brother from the hospital, the girl looked a little sad. And, a few days later, she is gone shopping in the Emirates. From the Network rumors, saying, Stefania responded negatively to the birth of a brother.

Stephanie also says that the feeling of jealousy. On the days she first commented on the appearance of another family member. “I’m already out of the age where jealousy can take me up. I’m sure your parents belong to Ola, me and little brother the same way. Imagine yourself large mother. Could I love someone less and someone more? This is simply impossible,” said Stephanie.

The wife of Dmitry Malikov came up with the name of newborn son

The baby, according to 17-year-old daughter of Dmitry that looks like a doll. By the way, Stephanie did not deny that when parents told her plans, she was shocked. Despite the fact that Malik did not hide that wants to be a father, for Stephanie the decision of the parents was a big surprise. “It was a shock. But then came the realization that this is the best gift for dad’s birthday and my upcoming 18th birthday. Baby is a real doll, about such can only dream of”, — quotes Starhit Stephanie.