It turns out that frequent sex is not the key to family happiness

Оказывается, частый секс не залог семейного счастья

According to scientists regular sex does not guarantee favorable weather in the house.

American scientists are more like the famous Armenian radio. Their loud statements as well as regular and humorous. This time great minds from across the ocean took up the Holy of holies – marital obligations.

Recently the journal Psychological Science published an interesting study by American scientists. Light of science empirically found that the frequency of sex does not affect overall marital satisfaction. But it works at a deep subconscious feelings of partners. Did you get anything? How not? Let’s see in detail.

Scientists from the USA conducted a survey among newlyweds. They were asked two types of questions: one had to respond thoughtfully, deliberately, the answers to the second was based on the instincts, the sensations. So, based on the answers of the first part of the study, experts came to the conclusion that a happy family life and overall marital satisfaction do not depend on factors such as frequent sex. At the same time, the answers to the second part of the questions showed that regular intercourse brings partners closer on a subconscious level. How? You again did not understand?

OK, let’s try simple language. Frenzied orgasm three times a day on the table, in the bathroom and the balcony will not save your raft love, if dishes not myta, there is no money, the kids are screaming and your mom is not leaving the apartment for three years. But with each new act you become closer to your spouse, dearer. Grandpa Freud, help!

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