It turns out that anorexia is inherited

Оказывается, анорексия передается по наследству

Scientists have learned a new truth about the terrible disease.

How often we blame the models, that they Deplete themselves for years sitting on a diet. And, as a consequence, suffer from anorexia.

But here’s the surprise: it turned out you can eat absolutely everything! And still her fever To such conclusion the American scientists that concluded their extensive study.

“Anorexia is an extremely dangerous problem, and the mortality rate from this disease is one of the highest among all similar pathologies. It is today from 8 to 15%. And that is why we sought to determine the mechanisms of occurrence of this disease,” said study author Professor Lori Zeltser.

The results surprised. The hunger strike was not the main reason. In the first place, and it is constant stress. Indeed, in this case the food just won’t digest. And bad genes.

“If we talk about teenagers, they are especially dangerous is social isolation, since it tends to lead to the development of stress,” said the American scientists.

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