It turned out the details of the novel the love of the assumption with the stripper

Выяснились подробности романа Любови Успенской со стриптизёром

A few years ago in open access appeared the photo, which shows the Lyubov Uspenskaya kissing dancer African-American.

The authenticity of the picture was no doubt, however, the court of the assumption were able to prove that it is a photoshop made by detractors.

Love insisted that she and a young stripper named Joseph Mungole can’t be, because she loves her husband and faithful to him. However, the girl Joseph – Tatiana Kirilyuk – said opposite side of the story.

According to Tatyana, between Love and Joseph was very passionate affair, which each of them received their benefit: the assumption was enjoying a young body, while Mungalli well earned in connection with the singer.

According to reports Kirilyuk, for each meeting the guy received 50 thousand.

“Joseph worked for a time at the club, “Selfish”, a frequent visitor who was Lyubov Uspenskaya. He is a very good dancer and always stood out from the crowd due to their abilities and skin color, so she immediately noticed. He was her pet. Joseph in paints told me how passionately they have sex. Everything always began the same way: it all started with a nice conversation at the table to dress, and then she took him home. The assumption is very insatiable and loving woman, they could make love for half an hour or more. But she especially loved to give him oral pleasure. To be honest, it would not tear. Luba always dressed up in beautiful underwear for Joseph, they had wanted each other that could tear their clothes off before reaching the bed. She paid him, according to Joseph, 50 thousand at a time,” — said Kirilyuk.

Sam Joseph Tatiana does not comment on, because whether it is true, hard to say.

Recall that at the recent program “million dollar Secret” and the assumption Mungole met again. Then the guy asked the singer to apologize for what has consented to the dissemination in the media of their joint fake photo and strongly contributed to the discussion of their romance.

The love of a man forgiven.