It revealed the secret of luxury neckline Alena Vodonaevoy

Раскрыт секрет роскошного декольте Алены Водонаевой Fans of the stars “House-2” has shown mindfulness. They guessed how Alena Vodonaeva managed to fix on your body fitting dress, revealing at the same time as the breast area.

      Раскрыт секрет роскошного декольте Алены Водонаевой

      Alena Vodonaeva has published on his page in Instagram photo, which has caused a lot of emotions in its followers. The picture shows the star of “House-2” poses in the black dress with the most Nude cleavage. Defiant selfie instantly gained thousands of likes. Many fans of the stars could not pass up such an erotic image leading and were quick to comment on photos.

      “You have young man! Lure whom?”, “Everything should be in moderation, but if not in moderation, then not for the General public, and for a narrow circle of subscribers. In General, a pretty picture emerged, clear girl”, “Alena, you, I think it backwards wearing dress”, “Beautiful, sexy. Why not,” wrote the user.

      Interestingly, many of the podeschi Alena immediately spotted next to her on the table, curious details, which might have helped beauty to create” a perfect neckline. Girls feel the need to open the rest of the subscribers stars this little female cunning.

      “And next to the Scotch tape and scissors, as Kim Kardashian taught”, “I think I know why on the table of bilateral adhesive tape. I also did so at the time,” “It with tape chest supports. Out on a photo it is visible. And scissors. Thus, it lifts the Breasts,” “And the tape side by side, did the trick,” declassified Vodonaevu followers.
      Раскрыт секрет роскошного декольте Алены Водонаевой

      Indeed, not so long ago the famous American model Kim Kardashian has publicly described how it “lifts” the breast area with a simple double-sided tape, which adheres to the skin, and on the other on the dress. On his page in Instagram the winner of delicious forms published a photo of the “worker” process and revealed the secret of a perfect cleavage.

      “I tried different tapes, from plumbing to painting. I realized that works best textile adhesive tape. She holds the chest. Before you stick it, don’t use any creams or oils. Yes, be exposure. It is useful in the moment when you will remove the tape. All this to make – you have to work hard, but believe me, it’s worth it,” shared Kim.

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