It published the first interview Selena Gomez after treatment

Вышло первое интервью Селены Гомес после лечения

After a nervous breakdown Selena Gomez went for treatment in rehab and abruptly cut off communication with the public through social networks. After a long silence, the singer gave an interview in the podcast Coach “Dream it real”, which talked about beauty treatment and desires.

Вышло первое интервью Селены Гомес после лечения

Despite the obvious improvement, Selena continues to undergo treatment in rehab. Now the star is aware of himself in another way and wants to be perceived not as a beautiful picture, and personality. “I don’t like when people judge me based on appearance. Yes, it is flattering when guys say I’m beautiful, but I want to be loved for who I am and not for looks,” says Selena.

An important role in the life of almost every star played by social networks through which they bear a moral message. Selena looks at instagram on the other hand. Advertising, false images and ideas of beauty have become the reason for her sudden abandonment of the network. Now it exposes just the news about their creative work and advertising campaigns.

Treatment in the rehabilitation center helped the singer to improve ourselves and deal with the problems that have plagued her since childhood. Star also realized that she likes to be alone. “I think I finally reached the age where I like to be alone,” says Selena.

After a complicated surgery life Selena Gomez has changed significantly. The star decided to say goodbye to the past and start with a clean face that applies to your personal life. Earlier, the singer hinted ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who is now married to Hailey Baldwin, he was in the past!

Close to the singer, the source reported that, on hearing the confession of Bieber on the social network, she got very angry. Justin on instagram said that still feels love for his ex, but to go back to her not going. But Gomez does about the past does not want to remember! The artist doesn’t even want Bieber used her name in their statements. “Selena long I closed that door and now she is doing well. It is not clear why they again mention her in connection with himself. She tries to avoid Justin and Hailey, but they again and again use its name”. Gomez did not want to know about the status of Bieber, now he has a wife, who should care about the artist.

Instagram Justin posted a photo of his wife Hayley, and got a nasty review. One of the fans said that Bieber took Hailey’s wife because he wants Selena back! He has explained the situation: “Why should I devote my life to in marriage, one girl to return to her former?.. You should be ashamed of themselves… I loved and still love Selena. She will forever hold a special place in my heart, but I’m totally in love with my wife”.

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