It is not necessary Ju-Ju: how has the fate of the members of the band “Girls”

Не надо жу-жу: как сложилась судьба участниц группы «Девочки» Irina Dubtsova, Linden Teterich, Valentina Rubtsova Tatiana Gerasimova and become real stars. Popular female group “the Girls” gave the artists a start in life. But then their paths diverged.

      Не надо жу-жу: как сложилась судьба участниц группы «Девочки»

      Seventeen years ago, in the Russian sky lit up from four stars. Igor Matvienko was organized by pop group “Girls”. In girls band entered Valentina Rubtsova, Tanya Gerasimova, Linden Teterich and Irina Dubtsova. Young ladies were selected from hundreds of contenders. Igor Igorevich had already been a venerable producer, so the happiness of beginner singers no bounds. “Girls” began his career with humorous songs “I want to be a bird.” Then came the hit “Mama Said”, that it is not necessary to tie the fate of a certain redheaded guy. Despite the fact that the main character in the clip has not appeared, everyone thought that the track is dedicated to “Ivanushka” Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov. Moreover, Matvienko supervised and populyarnoe trio member who was a red-haired artist.

      In the summer of 2002, he released the single “Girls” “Because I am so beautiful today”, and then it was followed by the debut album “don’t Ju-Ju”. Then on the First channel started the project “Factory of stars” and the team of Igor Matvienko on the backburner. Girls have realized that fate had given them a great chance to prove himself, and each of them went his way.

      “We decided with the “Girls” that, having such rivals as “VIA Gra”, “Shiny”, we are a little lose. We had no such open costumes. Yes, and we are very shy to wear such things, so the prospects we have not been rosy. We decided not to delay and just do other things,” he admitted in an interview with journalists Tatiana Gerasimova. “StarHit” learned how the fate of the participating groups.

      Irina Dubtsova

      Не надо жу-жу: как сложилась судьба участниц группы «Девочки»

      Irina Dubtsova managed to get on the mega-popular project “star Factory”, where she not only announced himself as a solo performer, but also won the victory. There’s artist first sang the song of his own composition, “him”. Poetic gift she has continued to develop and later wrote of himself and other artists a lot of songs that became hits. In the show reincarnations “Exactly” on the First channel Irina won the hearts of audience and judges and won first place. And last year the star gave a recital in the hall of Crocus City Hall, bringing together over 6 000 spectators.

      Irina Dubtsova was attributed novels with some representatives of show business, but she was married only once. The marriage of the actress with the member of the band “Plazma” Roman Chernitsyn lasted four years. In 2006 the couple had a son Artem.

      Linden teterich

      Не надо жу-жу: как сложилась судьба участниц группы «Девочки»

      Olympics Teterich got such an unusual name thanks to the fact that I was born in 1980, when Moscow hosted the Olympic games. After the girl came to fame, she took a creative pseudonym Linden. After a group of “Girls” ceased to exist, the singer went into journalism. She got a DJ on radio “Dynamite FM” and soon moved to television. Linden won the love of audience as VJ Muz-TV. However, the development of new horizons for the stars has not ended. Recently she decided to become a professional artist. Old hobby Basswood drawing turned into the intention to get second higher education in the arts.

      In addition, in a short time in the family of the popular TV presenter is expected to replenish. The Olympics will give to your spouse Artem Glotov second child. The first-born, who was born seven years ago, received an unusual name Lavr. As parents will call the second baby is yet unknown.

      Valentina Rubtsova

      Не надо жу-жу: как сложилась судьба участниц группы «Девочки»

      Valentina Rubtsova as the famous TV presenter tutta Larsen, a native of the city of Makeyevka, Donetsk region. She’s a childhood dream to be an actress. Enrolling with the Metropolitan high school theater GITIS, Valya worked in the group “Girls”, through which she began to learn in person. But the real fame actress brought to the part in the popular youth series “Univer”. The sitcom characters in the performance of Scar and Andrew Giulana is so liked by the audience that it was decided to create a separate spin-off “I”. Last summer, the actor was diagnosed with cancer, the shooting of the series had to be suspended. Valentina was very supportive of his partner and friend Andrew. Recently Giulana managed to overcome the disease, so the audience look forward to new Serie sitcom.

      In 2002, Valentine met her future husband, businessman Arthur Martirosyan. The couple married seven years later. Daughter Sophia spouse of four years. In an interview with reporters Rubtsova strongly emphasizes that her choice is the perfect dad.

      Tatiana Gerasimova

      In the group of “Girls” Tatiana Gerasimova was in the foreground. Many even believed that with time she will be the main vocalist of the team, and, perhaps, will start a solo career. Life decided otherwise. In 2005 Tatiana was replaced by Dana Borisov in the post leading to the program “Army shop”. During this time the star has visited many hot spots, talked with the defenders of the Motherland in polygons and parts. Men in uniform doted. When 2015 came out the Maxim magazine with erotic photo shoot Gerasimova, the edition was sold out in a matter of days.

      The details of his personal life Tatiana prefers to keep secret.

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