Стало известно, чем Эмилия Кларк очаровала создателей «Игры престолов»
The actress is absolutely not suitable for the role of Daenerys, but the producers of the show chose her.

Emilia Clarke

Photo: OutNow

Casting is one of the most successful series of the decade on the book by George R. R. Martin’s “Game of thrones” proved difficult. The pilot episode was not liked by the producers and has taken an unprecedented decision to replace all the actors. Emilia Clarke, whose most successful role up to that time there was a girl from a promotional video for the social services, by some miracle, got a new sample. Knowing that will participate in the casting of Emilia, beside himself, jumped out and wandered the streets of Los Angeles, where she once even detained by the police. But her chances of being approved for the role of the Mother of Dragons was negligible. It is difficult to hope for something like the Clark — brunette tiny stature, plump, with a big mouth, when the scenario clearly States: “Daenerys — tall, blonde, slender and flexible like a reed”.

The next day, from fear and the realization that she had nothing to lose, facing a team of serious people Emilia portrayed the crazy chicken, the robot, something to sing (although her everyone said not to do that) and even danced. The laughter was deafening. And against all odds on this dark horse, the creators of the future telehita decided to make a bet. Only in Emilia, the only one out of thousands of contenders, they saw an actress who can play the heroine, which, according to the author, it is impossible to kill. But to make a blond wig in the end, this is Hollywood. Thankfully, Emilia didn’t even have to repaint. She is immensely grateful to the make-up artists.

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